Adnan Sami: The Man Behind The Maestro
Posted On 22nd January, 2013 @ 10:28 am by Roopa Nandini Sharma

Very few musicians can claim to be hospitable to groupies who break into their homes in the dead of night!

It is common knowledge that in 2001, Adnan Sami won the MTV Breakthrough Artist of the Year award for Tera Chehra, but what people aren’t aware of is the fact that he lost his award!

Adnan Sami has had the pleasure of welcoming a hysterical woman into his home at about three in the morning, after she had broken in using his private lift. Despite being shocked by the drama that ensued, Adnan found it in himself to be hospitable enough to offer refreshments to the lady. While some may say, the hospitability was naïve or meant for hoopla in the papers, once you meet this artist, you are left without doubt about his candid candor, humor and affability. If you don't believe us see how a liftman reacts to Adnan HERE. Okay, so that might not have been the example we were looking for!

When we were interviewing Adnan Sami, there wasn’t a dull moment; he was prompt, quick witted and had so many stories to narrate that it was easy to forget why we were there. It is common knowledge that in 2001, Adnan Sami won the MTV Breakthrough Artist of the Year award for Tera Chehra, but what people aren’t aware of is the fact that he lost his award! Since 2001 was the first year when this category was added to the awards, MTV had to give Adnan a mock-up of the Moon man because well, it takes time to get the real guy down to Mumbai. Once the original found its way to Adnan’s mantle piece, it promptly found its way elsewhere. An interesting fact is that Adnan couldn’t attend the award ceremony and therefore has no video documentation of the award either. Now Adnan deigns to tell people about this award because he feels it’s like claiming an Oscar without actually having the golden statuette, he has now resigned to the fact that the MTV Moon man has found its way to Narnia.

Adnan’s music is a mix of classical, jazz and pop-rock styles of music which define the nature of the pianist as well. While giving us lessons in flawless Urdu, Hindi and faux expletives, he also gave us an insight into how his music is beautifully distinctive. His secret to harmony is the fact that he is emotionally involved with all his songs, it’s difficult to establish whether his music stems out of his emotions or the other way around.

Adnan’s latest album Press Play was shrouded in controversy a couple of weeks ago when all the songs of his album were leaked online. When we asked him if he had anything to say to the miscreants, he very succinctly asked them to burn in hell and he had us nodding in agreement. Press Play comes five years after the musician’s last album and after having listened to the songs, one can tell that while the sound has changed, the depth behind the music remains consistent. The song ‘Roya’ is the highlight of Press Play which has a very different feel and tempo that what one would normally expect from Adnan Sami. It is a beautiful song written for his wife and the video of the song is suitably picturesque. We suggest if you have fallen in love with a woman whose name is Roya or at least sounds/rhymes with the name, you must take this song to the top of your dedication list. Click HERE to watch the official video of Roya.

There’s no doubt that Adnan Sami is a musician with numerous accolades but once the awe runs out what remains is the memory of a spiffy, honest and hilarious man who is willing to make friends from the word go. Click HERE to see how candid Adnan can really get!


P.S: If you are planning to break into his private lift after reading this, you should know that he has had it fixed. We tried, really!


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