An Era of Bromance - KAI PO CHE!
Posted On 28th January, 2013 @ 11:11 am by Bhargavi Swami

Kai Po Che is giving a big shout out in Gujarati to all its viewers with a simple trailer and a breezy album in the offing.

Amit Trivedi does a “Norah Jones” in this track and is reminiscent of the mood created in “Come Away with me”.

Abhishek Kapoor’s latest offering is definitely a film to watch out for as it might just ring in to be the surprise hit this year. Releasing on Feb 22nd, the film is already doing the rounds in several International Award circuits, the film based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel. The film is highly anticipated in the movie circuits and the music of the film is catching up quick among the audiences.

As part of the promotional strategy only the first two tracks of this album are officially released so as to engage people and set the mood and tone for the film. However, the songs available now, are more than just marketing the film.

Meethi Boliyan: A breezy track, easy on the ears and is the best company to any arm chair traveler. The track grows on you with every note and builds the surface calmness for the length of the song. Amit Trivedi does a “Norah Jones” in this track and is reminiscent of the mood created in “Come Away with me”. Overall, the track will feature on your ipod for a nice long drive making you forget the traffic snarls of the city.

Amit Trivedi, the up and coming music director in B Town, has swished his magic wand with his music, in this film. He is one composer who truly represents the cross roads that this generation stands in. He has a firm hold of classical music and a sharp bend towards electronic sounds that help transcend his music to a whole new dimension. Here’s a composer who has shown his range time and again with memorable chartbusters like, “Gal Mithi Mithi”, “Iktaara” and has the versatility to offer something different from the popular tunes of Dev D. He delivers his music with a lot of gusto and zest.

Coming to back to the track that is surprisingly in tune with the recent happenings, this song fills us with hope yet keeps us in a “zen” like state of calm.

Manjha – weaves a spiritual web as it seamlessly connects the rustic folk music rhythm to contemporary beats and has higher octaves in a near opera style presentation. The song helps the story along when the three friends go on to build their futures in different directions, yet maintaining the recurring theme of strong bonding, ambition and a sort of boyish charm that keeps them glued to each other. Amit Trivedi’s composition and unique vocals gives the song exactly the kind of ingenuity it aspires for.
Swanand Kirkire has wielded the pen for this album and has given us yet another uncommon lyrical ballad to relish. He simplifies even the most complex of situations in the film and uses an unusual combination of words and recurring musical motifs to drive home the true essence of the film.

For any Chetan Bhagat fan, this album will truly bring back that lazy afternoon where you propped open “3 mistakes of my life” and tried to capture it in your imagination. On the other hand those who want to see it in the flesh will no doubt be enamored by this album as it leaves the story untold and keeps you coming back, only to discover a new layer to this well packaged album in its casual and breezy cover.

Kai Po Che is definitely something to look forward to and the music of this film is just the right entree to what could be a spectacular treat!


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