Bieber Fever v/s One Direction Mania
Posted On 21st January, 2013 @ 15:21 pm by Suroshree Dasgupta

While some of us were busy trying to find immunity from the infamous Bieber Fever, something more infectious than measles came about and it came to be known as One Direction.

Fans have tattoed everything from lyrics of his songs to his face on their skin. They are crazy enough to get them tattooed on their arms, legs, back, leaving no space for imagination of how much they love Bieber

The effects spread far and wide like wildfire and I bet somewhere in the world researchers might be trying to take a look at the brains of the fans of both parties to determine why the affliction even exists and why is it so crazy? While previously some argued that Boy band One Direction had unseated Justin Bieber as the hottest act in music by crushing one of his biggest records of having the highest number of views of a video in 24 hours. Bieber fought back hard this year with making a return trip to No. 1 on Billboard's chart, as he kept the  ‘directioners’ at bay at No. 2 for a third straight week. But, underneath all that rivalry on who takes the ‘biggest teen sensation’ crown, Justin and the One Direction boys have been friends for some time. In fact, they are even rumored to have hung out together before some of their shows.

However, it is the fans that make the stars that they really are and the fans of both Bieber and One Direction seem to be taking their job a bit too seriously.  It’s the kind of love that makes the artists themselves quake in their boots and wonder how they’d ever be able to live up to their expectations. So, even if the world may feel that Justin Bieber and One Direction are friends, their fans seem to be on a mission to outdo each other. The girls are willing to do anything for their favourite boy band or singer, whether it be waiting out in the freezing cold for twelve hours plus or tattooing their skin with lyrics, they sure know how to keep the fandom truly alive.

So it’s time for the ultimate showdown as we ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the craziest fans of ‘em all?”

1. Reactions

Justin Bieber - The most famous example of an insane reaction to the very mention of Bieber’s name is three-year-old girl Cody, who cried hysterically over how much she loves the teen star. After being filmed by her family crying in her sister’s arms, she became an overnight YouTube sensation with the video having over 2 million views.

One Direction – It is equally difficult for the boys to move between two buildings without being mobbed and chased by screaming fans. In one particular case, a young fan had fainted after shaking band member Zayn’s hand, leaving poor Zayn stunned as the girl had to be carried out of the shopping centre.

2. Tattoo

Justin Bieber – Fans have tattoed everything from lyrics of his songs to his face on their skin. They are crazy enough to get them tattooed on their arms, legs, back, leaving no space for imagination of how much they love Bieber.

One Direction - So far, it looks like not many fans have had any One Direction tattoos. Not real ones anyway! So, that’s one point for Bieber fans.

3. Devotion

Justin Bieber – Being immortalized as a wax figure may not be a new thing for a star, as a fan created a wax figure of him in Spain. However, claiming to get plastic surgery done to resemble the teen sensation might be taking it a bit too far.

One Direction - Videos have been uploaded to YouTube showing groups of 1D fans creating ‘spontaneous’ dance performances to the band’s hits. These, of course, are pre-planned and incredibly entertaining and widely known as flash mobs. However, expression of devotion through flash mobs isn’t a new thing for Bieber fans. So, I guess that’s two points for Bieber.

4. Attacks

Justin Bieber – Sometimes it’s the people who associate themselves with Bieber and sometimes it’s the star himself who falls victim to many such threats and even real physical attacks. Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian et al have all fallen prey to threats of attacks by Bieber’s fans. In fact Bieber himself was attacked by a ‘proposed fan’ in New York last year. And, how can one forget the more recent ‘Operation cut for Bieber’?

One Direction - One Direction have also had their fair share of close encounters. One recent article mentions how band member Harry Styles was attacked by a female fan while on stage with, of all things, a tampon. Strange, but true! Styles was attacked again, this time by something a little friendlier, cake.  So, going by how life threatening these attacks have been, it is Justin Bieber’s fans that take the real cake.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot more craziness that 1D fans need to exemplify, for them to win the title. Until then, it is Bieber’s fans that are champions of this battle, second to none. But, more importantly, is there a cure from this fever? Yes apparently. It is called ‘growing up’.


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