Bluffer's Guide to Carlos Santana
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In light of the recent news about Santana's upcoming concert in India, we have decided to give you a little background knowledge about the artist that you can use to appreciate the music when you attend. Alternatively, you this could also help you no




San Francisco in the 60’s, now that’s where we must begin from, because to know the real birthplace of Santana the musician, you must journey through the colours of psychedelia. Yes, he was born in Autlán de Navarro, Mexico but when you’re speaking to a die-hard fan he’ll agree that all the ghosts evoked from records Carlos was listening to did come to life in San Francisco. When his parents moved to the city, Santana was hit in the face with some real psychedelic licks, and as he claims he finally got to listen to BB King live.



Listen to Scott McKenzie summarize it all for you in his hit single “San Francisco”. In the 60’s, a time we all try to recreate with old records and some other illegalities, was a time when platoons of lost souls walked out on the existing order of things and wanted to escape to a world they could call their own that bred peace and love in abundance. Santana found happiness here; other than washing dishes for little pay, he would play the guitar as a street musician along with David Brown and Gregg Rolie. Compare that to today’s snobby listeners, who won’t let you express yourself, because they want to listen to something they’ve already heard.



When the three street musicians got together to form the Santana Blues Band, Woodstock welcomed them to play without their having released an album. Surely, on the day they performed in front of 500000 hippies, the music foretold the future of this talented guitarist, he was an instant success, and it would be rude to say the crowd was high; instead, they felt the music. “Black Magic Woman” and “Evil Ways” were finally recorded and with the help of Columbia Records the band was able to give an eager audience more of their well blended, jazz, blues, Latin-rock, style of music.



By the 70’s, Santana was tired of the madness, a new generation of drug users had begun to ruin the name of the flower children. He found escape in Indian spirituality, under the tutelage of Sri Chimnoy, the spiritual guru of jazz guitarist John McLaughlin. When the two musicians met, with spirituality as their common drug, they recorded a critically acclaimed album called “Love, Devotion, Surrender”. Thereafter, in 1991 Santana concluded his dealings with Columbia and signed up with Polydor.



Now, Santana had the task of finding a fan in the new age music lover, to do that he met up with Clive Davis his mentor who gave him his first break at Woodstock. The task was simple; he began collaborating with fresh talents and prominent names such as Wyclef Jean, Lauryn HillCee-Lo, Dave Matthews and  Eric Clapton, the outcome can be heard on his 1999 album “Supernatural”. In 2002, Santana released “Shaman” with two other exponents of modern music, P.O.D. and Seal. Yet, the style of Santana has till today never escaped him and that is why we welcome him to India to allow us to feel his music. 



Dates of the concert:


Bengaluru - 26th October, 2012


Delhi - 28th October, 2012


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