Calling Papon!
Posted On 8th January, 2013 @ 16:11 pm by Sanat Mehra

Once in the MTV office, you have access to a huge list of celebrity contact numbers; there are two ways of getting hold of this list: either break into the office late in the night or join as an intern.

I am a romantic. I get my romance from the air and I understand human stresses and issues.

I did the latter. However, what most people here did not know is that they are hiring a prankster. So, very soon I began wondering who would be the first celebrity I prank call, posing as an interviewer. As it turned out, my first interview was with the supremely talented musician, Papon.

The conversation:

What is the question you hate answering?

What’s my favourite song?

Ok. Sir, my next question is what is your favourite song?

(Laughs) I don’t know.

What is the inspiration behind your music? Do you have a muse; girls? Drugs? Or, does your music stem from personal experiences?

(Laughs) I am a romantic. I get my romance from the air and I understand human stresses and issues. What we are all going through; drawing a comparison. You Know? If it is a issue song then it is certainly an issue I have gone through. I think it comes from there. Like that.

How would you react if I was to call you a fool for projecting your emotions through western instruments and not Indian classical instruments? After all, you are an Indian.

Well, what is western and what is eastern does not bother me because it is just one mould for me. Even when I am taking a sound out, I do not think whether it is from west or east. Right? And, we stay in times where fusion is a past. I mean, we are born fused. I am the whole world, because of the internet. So, I have grown up amidst different sounds. It is no more a decision about whether I am mixing east or west music. It is all just music to me. I hate the idea of genres or style. Either it is good music or bad music.

You have made music independently and for Bollywood. Which is a more musically fulfilling experience?

No, again it is a little difficult. It is always about choice and the project you get. Bollywood is one style but, if I give you four different songs from this style, you cannot treat all of them similarly. Bollywood also has good music and bad music for me. So, if you are lucky enough to get a project you can connect to and there is a good cast and the music director is good then you do not feel like you’re just taking up a job.

Are you pressurized to perform better, after being awarded the Bhupen Hazarika Award in 2012?

I do not take pressure, because I am born to legends. My parents are legends. So, if I would have thought about that it wouldn’t have been easy for me to do anything. There is always a comparison happening back home with my parents. So, I really just do what I like. If I had to take it to heart, I would have given up longtime back and stuck to listening to music.

How did the collaboration with artist groups like the East India Company and Midival Punditz come about?

Basically, similar sounds; I think we related to each other. We connected as human beings and as friends. And, that is how good music comes.


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