Congratulations Adele!
Posted On 23rd October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

Let's get together in congratulating Adele and her boyfriend Simon Konecki, for now the two have become mommy and daddy to a baby boy.




You must have guessed seeing the pictures and, probably, the brilliance of the theme song that she wrote for Bond movie Skyfall, can be directly credited to the bundle of joy.



To all the Adele fans out there, we have good news and bad news for you. Let’s begin with the good; now that Adele has become a mother sources say that she will dedicate her next album to motherhood, which is well in line with her style of presentation. The albums 19 and 21 were in sync with her emotions at that age, and now at 24 you can expect an album on motherhood, which we’re sure is going to be fabulous. Yet that’s not all, the real good stuff is that Simon Konecki has proposed marriage to Adele!



By the way, aren’t you wondering who Simon Konecki is? Konecki was an investment banker who was disgusted with the wicked inevitabilities of Capitalism and moved out to become the CEO of Drop4Drop, a charity on a mission to alleviate the global water crisis in today’s developing environment. In fact, Adele who was not active on Twitter a while back, compelled her fans to follow Drop4Drop on the social networking site, if they wanted her to tweet.



While one saves water, the other compels her listeners to tears; we wish them infinite happiness for the future. Oh, I almost forgot the bad news; the sad part is that the baby’s still nameless. Got you, not that disappointing after all, for in the meantime, we thought of calling the boy “Simele”, something we got after squeezing together the names of his parents. 




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