David: A Review of Sounds
Posted On 22nd January, 2013 @ 18:01 pm by mtv editor

In case you have been watching a lot of music videos with Neil Nitin Mukesh in them, the songs are all from our favourite director Bejoy Nambiar’s upcoming film David.

Hold your breath because the film brought together 8 composers, each one capable of casting a different spell!

No, it isn’t about the life of a sculptor who spent days knocking on marble and it is absolutely not about a footballer who married Spice Girl Victoria Beckham; instead, it is a movie that spans over three decades, with three different actors playing the character of David, each one running into and away from trouble. However, today let us discuss the music of the film. Hold your breath because the film brought together 8 composers, each one capable of casting a different spell, but let’s see whether they all had us spellbound or not.

Ghum Huye (The Theme of David): There is only one word for this song and that is “trippy”. Yes, its trance music with the perfect lyrics to accompany it. Mark Fulgado and Gaurav Godkhindi are brilliant as a duo especially when Bramafatura is keeping the beat, and singer Siddharth Basrur comes in with the right voice not over-decorating the already festooned composition. All in all it is treat; so, if you are planning to take a break from break then do listen to this track.

Dam Mast Kalandar: In fact, this song is a very popular Qawwali song that has been pimped up by Mickey McCleary, making the maximum use of Rekha Bharadwaj’s rustic voice. What you get at the end of it is a fresh reminiscent experience because the melody of the classic remains the same, with some fresh reggae beats to adorn the classical feel of the song. There is a rock version of this song too, but with no offence to Gaurav Godkhindi, the idea seems a little unrealistic.

Tore Matware Naina: The work of Maati Bani sounded quite alluring when I read about it in words but now to listen to them on the album was a different experience altogether. Theirs is a world music band that is known for creating a wonderful confluence of sounds. Based on the Raga Bhageshri, which is a night time raga that has been wonderfully presented in the form of a jugalbandi between Joyshanti and Karthik. Do catch the band on facebook, they deserve it.

Maria Pitache and Light House Symphony: Remember the film is based in Goa, which means that there has to be Goan music and to do justice to the song they called upon Remo Fernandes. Besides, the song narrates a story, bringing together Goan folk song and folklore. Light House Symphony is an instrumental song with Goan style guitar work and whistling by Remo.

Tere Mere Pyar Ki and Rab Di Marzi: Love tracks are sustained by their simplicity and Tere Mere Pyar Ki will be heard for awhile because Prashant Pillai knows how to keep it simple. However, Prashant’s contribution did not end there, he also composed Rab Di Marzi with the help of Tao Issaro that is a brilliant overlapping of sounds and isn’t half as dreamy as Tere Mere Pyar Ki.

Ya Hussain: Since we have spoken about Prashant Pillai’s contribution, here is another but even Prashant would agree that this one wouldn’t have been possible without Lucky Ali. Yes, Lucky Ali is back with his mystical voice that has the Midas touch that turns every composition into gold. Without any hesitation, this song gets 5 stars.

Bandhay and Three Kills: Both these songs have been composed by two popular rock bands; so, if you are a headbanger the song is surely worth the chaos but if you aren’t, just bang your head against the wall because you aren’t going to enjoy the commotion. While Bandhay was composed by Modern Mafia and Three Kills was sung by Saurabh Roy of The Lightyears Explode, they sound very similar.

Yun Hi Re: Anirudh Ravichander, the Kolaveri Boy is here to haunt you again, but not in a negative sense because he presents himself in a different avatar. Along with Shweta Mohan, he sings a love song against the orchestration of traditional instruments like the violin and sitar.

Out of Control: This song makes you believe in the future of Hinglish; think about it, if you have Hinglish lyrics with the classical voice of Preeti Pillai to sing the chorus. Trust me; it cannot get more haunting than that. There also a choir version of the same song that has been sung by Marianne and Tara Sitaria, this my friends takes you the place that music was meant to transport us to.


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