Indie Band 'GATC' Speaks Out!
Posted On 11th March, 2014 @ 17:27 pm by Sharon Alphonso

Today we caught up with a very talented Indie rock band called 'Girish And The Chronicles'. They are a Hard Rock band from Gangtok that is currently based in Bengaluru. The band comprises of the finest musicians and is known for their electrifying live shows. Read on to find out how their interview went!

1. What is the story of your band coming together?

Basically, G A T C existed since 2006, with different band-names, one of them being “Revolving Barrel”. There were a series of line-up changes and break ups. However it was in 2009, when I had just arrived back in India (after a yearlong stay in Kathmandu), the G A T C story started. I was a solo performer, accompanied by Yogesh Pradhan on lead guitars, in a pub called Café Live and Loud. We had recorded some singles such as “Angel” and “Golden Crown”. Then soon I recruited some of my former members – Nagen on the Drums and Noel on the bass. However, Yogesh had to leave soon and took the role of the band’s distant studio engineer. I had temporarily taken the role of a lead guitarist, until we would find someone up to the task. Soon we started taking part in college festivals where we recruited a former member, Suraz on the lead guitars and Mishael Jiwandan Pradhan on the Keyboards. However, with Mishael leaving the band soon, G A T C was left with:

Girish on the Vocals/Rhythm guitars

Suraz on the Lead Guitars

Noel Karthak on the Bass

Nagen on the drums

Yogesh as a Studio engineer.

This was basically the FIRST touring line up of the band.

2. Why are you guys called the “Girish And The Chronicles”?

Girish used to perform as a solo artist in various parts of the country before the formation of the band and after gaining popularity as a solo artiste, he joined hands with our drummer – Nagen & Lead Guitarist – Suraz and started playing at various venues with different names.

While performing solo, there were posters saying, Girish Live & Unplugged and even with the band it was known as Girish & the band.

One Day, we decided to remove the tag called ‘& the band’ and just wrote ‘Girish And The Chronicles’ and we had a good response and from there we are continuing as GATC.

3. Which are your all time favourite songs and which other bands do you seek inspiration from?

We have a lot of favorites, a few of them would be Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Welcome to the Jungle, Hard as A Rock, Rock N’ Roll etc.

GATC has their inspiration from the legends like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, ACDC, GnR etc.
4. What song best describes your journey of music and why?

There are two songs which are the integral part of GATC’s music journey.

Angel – Since it’s our 1st recorded song.

Loaded – One of our Originals
This one is purely because of its lyrical content. It talks about the hurdles a rock musician goes through. And how even after facing a challenge after a challenge, they overcome every hurdle as they are ‘Loaded’ with the passion of Music.

5. How often and for how long does your band practice?

On general, we practice around 5 – 6 hours daily. It is very hard to keep a tab on our practice hours once we start the jamming, it continues.

6. Tell us a little more about the kind of music you play? Do your songs have a theme/meaning behind them? If so, throw us a couple of examples.

We are a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band. Our songs vary from the likes of Hard Blues Rock, Alternative to Classic Heavy Metal stuff. We also have a couple of Power ballads. While most of the songs are stories of our own lives, the others focus on the various social and political issues.
For eg: The song “I wanna get that lovin’ again” is a Hard Rock song about the heartaches and the disturbed mind of a person who’s gone through a bad break-up. While “Smile Little Child” is a power ballad about a child afflicted with a cleft lip/palate.

7. What is the best gig you’ve had so far, and why was it so memorable?

It would be unfair to name one gig as the best as we have had really amazingly mad shows all over the country and overseas.
One of the best shows was a pub show at Take 5, where we played every kind of music, right from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal including our own originals along with covering bands from Led Zeppelin to Iron Maiden, Gnr to Megadeth.

Also, to mention, shows in Darjeeling & Jowai, Meghalaya where we made a record for playing the longest set and with crowd being there till the end, and even after playing for more than 2.5 hrs, they just wanted more & more. Also a very recent one at Jamia Milia Islamia, University in New Delhi, where we witnessed another bunch of crazy fans.

And last, this could be remembered always as it was the first show, where we went on stage at 12am and continued till 2am with such a supporting crowd. This was at Ranchi, Jharkhand at the start of March, 2014.

8. What makes your band different from the rest?

The kind of music that we play would be the main factor which sets us apart from most of the other bands, since in the present times we hardly have bands which follow the Rock N’ Roll styles of the 70s and 80s. Also we feel we are quite blessed with the stage presence and the raw Rock N’ Roll energy that most of our fans have always cherished.

9. If your lives had a background score what would it be?

Well, I believe it would be our own song, “Loaded” since this song truly defines us in every way possible. This is how the song goes - “I’ve been Loaded, I’ve been broke like an old street dog, I’ve been corroded, but there’s nothing that would kill my love to Rock!”

10. What advice do you have for the other aspiring musicians out there?

Always follow your heart and stick to what you’ve always believed in. Don’t let the hurdles in life stop you from following your dreams and always believe in the power of Music.

11. Where else on social media can our viewers follow and find you?

We are on Facebook & Twitter.

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