7 Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About Om Shanti Om
Posted On 21st November, 2014 @ 10:24 am by MTV Editor


Happy New Year may have set the box office ablaze, but when you consider the success of her previous Diwali releases like Om Shanti Om, her affinity with Diwali probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise at all. Her movies may not win her many fans with the critics, but when it comes to raw entertainment, Farah Khan definitely holds all the cards. As an ode to her 2007 crowd-puller, allow us to reveal the seven facts that we bet even Shanti herself didn’t know about Om Shanti Om:


1. Shakira's Bollywood Debut

Farah Khan’s magnum opus was originally slated to mark international pop diva Shakira’s Bollywood debut! The director, who has in the past choreographed the Hips Don’t Lie singer, had managed to get her to commit a few days to make an appearance in the movie. However, due to the uncertainty of her schedule, the idea was eventually scrapped. 




2. SRK's Skin Show

All, however, wasn’t lost. After being turned down by Shakira, Farah Khan cashed in on the promise that SRK had made to her long ago about displaying his abs onscreen only if it was her directing the movie. And thus began Shah Rukh’s three month long training for Dard-e-disco.




3. The Owners Of Cars

The yesteryear cars portrayed in the movie had the ring of authenticity all thanks to Rajesh Khanna & Hema Malini, who owned them personally.




4. Happy New Year vs. Om Shanti Om

Initially, Farah had planned to give the script for Happy New Year the green light. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she was compelled to put it on the backburner and piece together a movie inspired by '70s cinema instead. 




5. First Choice For Villain - Vivek Oberoi

Given how perfectly Arjun Rampal embodied the role of the antagonist, it feels like sheer blasphemy to learn that the diabolical Mukesh Mehra’s role was initially offered to Vivek Oberoi.




6. Aamir Khan's Refusal

The song Deewangi was originally scheduled to feature the four mighty Khans of the industry, in what would have been an iconic moment in cinematic history indeed. However, she failed to take into account Aamir Khan’s dedication to his pet project, Taare Zameen Par. On being approached for the cameo, Aamir apparently bluntly informed Farah that if we gave OSO four minutes of his time, TZP would suffer by four months. 




7. Missed Cameo - Dev Anand

The cameo studded movie was also supposed to feature cinematic legend, Dev Anand. The veteran actor however refused as it went against his principle of not featuring in blink & you’ll miss it cameos.





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