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Posted On 29th June, 2016 @ 11:04 am by MTV Editor

College - The most exciting years of our lives, where no two days are the same! We make friends, we organize festivals, we fall in love, we sleep through

College - The most exciting years of our lives, where no two days are the same! We make friends, we organize festivals, we fall in love, we sleep through lectures, we play out all the drama in our heads and yeah, sometimes we also study. 


But yeh toh sab karte hai! What makes each college unique are the traditions that have been built over years and years, that define its #CampusLife. So our Campus Diaries team set out on a mission to find the coolest college traditions from across the country. Some are fun, some are embarrassing, some are crazy. But they’re all quirky and they’re all awesome! Here are our favourites! 


1. Soak’ in your Birthday – MICA, Ahmedabad 

Here’s a tradition from MICA that tops our list of college quirks! Micans celebrate their friends’ birthdays the way they should be celebrated – at midnight, together, having fun. The birthday boy or girl stands in the quad and a bucket of cold water is splashed on them from the first floor! (We really seem to love these hilarious celebration + water combinations!)






2. Cooking Up a Storm – MICA, Ahmedabad

Where there is brilliance, there is innovation. And at MICA, it’s the best kind of innovation – Food! The 24hr Chhota Canteen at MICA allows students to create their own recipes, that are cooked by the staff. But what’s even more exciting is that the dish gets named after the students and is put on the menu! Talk about leaving behind a legacy – Aneesh Paratha or Uchil Burgers, anyone?






3. The Birthday Dunk – Flame University, Pune 

Birthdays are always a special time. It’s when friends come together to make you feel special and shower you with love, affection and gifts. But wait, that’s when you’re not at Flame University! When you’re at Flame, birthdays are a little, umm, messy! The birthday boy or girl is wished a Happy Birthday by throwing them in the Kund! Talk about making a splash!






4. The Lake of Celebration – IIM, Calcutta

The IIM Calcutta campus is sprawling! Did you know it has 7 lakes? Now with so many lakes, in the campus, the students obviously had to put them to good use. So while the students at Flame only do a Birthday Dunk, the IIMC guys take it a notch higher. They throw their peers into the lake, every time there’s a reason to celebrate – jobs, birthdays anything! (And with thousands of students, all of who are geniuses, celebrations come around often!)






5. Not-So –Traditional Day – JJ School of Arts, Mumbai

In a college like JJ School of Arts, where every concept is turned on its head and creativity prevails, it’s only natural that their college days are crazy too! They have a long standing custom where, on every traditional day, a boy gets married to a boy. Yup, you heard that right! No one really knows how it began or how long it’s been happening for, but it happens. We say – full power to you! #LoveisLove! 




6. ‘Block’ Out the Stress – IIM, Bangalore

Let’s just put it out there – We know that IIM Bangalore is one of the best B-Schools in the country and we’re sure the stress levels are sky high but you know what? These students know how to party! So much so, that it’s actually called the ‘Party B-School’ of India. With a culture of block parties, it’s no surprise that students who stay together in blocks are thick as thieves. Because - Friends who party together, stay together!




7. Oaths against Celibacy – The Hindu College, Delhi

This has to be one of the most unique (and our most favourite) traditions ever! The Hindu College has a Virgin Tree that is rumoured to have special powers. The story goes, that if you worship the tree, ‘good things’ will happen to you within a year. But that’s not all! Every Valentine’s Day, the college shuts down for a Virgin Tree pooja. Yes, that’s right, a pooja – Pandit et al! All we can say is, in college, everything is worth a shot!


7. Virgin Tree


So there you have it! Our list of the coolest college traditions from across the country. We’d love to hear about many more traditions, as awesome as these! If you know something we don’t, write to us on!  

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