Say Whaaat?
Posted On 11th July, 2016 @ 14:37 pm by MTV Editor

Visiting a new college is like visiting a new country.

New faces, new cultures, and most noticeably - new languages! While you may think that everyone is speaking the usual English or Hindi, if you listen in closely, you'll find words in their lingo that you just can't figure out, leaving you to wonder “what does that even mean?”


Well, that's what we're here for! Our team of Campus Diaries adventurers went from college to college asking students to decode their college's unique lingo and give us a glimpse into their world! 


Here are our favourites! 



1 - machaya



2 - arjigiri



3 - come on jj



4 - cracks



5 - geelapanti



6 - good trip



7 - nimphy



8 - disco



9 - facha




If there are any new exciting words that we may have missed, write in to and let us know!