The Calm Within The Chaos
Posted On 28th July, 2016 @ 18:41 pm by MTV Editor

Amongst all the hustle-bustle of college life, every student needs that one place that gives them an escape from the shor-sharaba - A place where students can shed their stress and just be. We all know the most popular hang-out spots at canteens, quads and common rooms. Here’s a glimpse at where you can go to just get away!

Here are our favourite Kingdoms of Calm across colleges in the country :


1. The Hilltop Amphitheatre – SIT, Pune 

When your whole college is built on a hill, it’s bound to have some gorgeous scenic views. But the students of SIT also have a bonus hang-out spot at the top of the hill. So whether it’s their morning chai, some peace before an exam or even just winding down after a hectic day, this amphitheatre is every SIT-ian’s go-to spot!


1.Hilltop Amphitheatre




2. The Famous ‘Kund’ – FLAME University, Pune 

Well, it’s not every day that a college has a pond INSIDE its campus! So when you do, you make the most of it! And that’s just what these students do! They come here to chill and chit chat and unwind. But most importantly, this is where you get dunked on your birthday! 

2.Kund - Flame University


3. The Serene Rooftop – CMS Jain University, Bangalore

There are some spots that everyone on campus knows of and constantly flocks. There are some, however that seem a tad more exclusive, a tad more private. Some students told us of this calm and peaceful spot on their campus and we could truly understand why they love it. What they use it for? Now that’s a million dollar question ;)


3.Rooftop - CMS University




4. The Chapel – St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Whether you’re religious or not, everyone needs some peace and quiet, amongst the manic chaos of the campus. Hidden away from plain sight, the chapel at St. Xavier’s is the place Xavierites go for their dose of calm. Go before the exams and you’ll find the perfect mix of prayers and desperate last-minute studying! 

4.Chapel - St Xaviers


5. The Music Room – CMS Jain University, Bangalore
The reason we thought that CMS University deserves a second mention is that this is the coolest concept we’ve heard in a long time! The Music Room on campus is an exclusive room that only grants entry to a select few. It even has its own knock for identification! This is a haven where students can jam, paint and vent. What more could you ask for?
5.Music Room - Jain University


So that’s our list, but we’d love to know more! Tell us where you go on your campus for your dose of calm! Write in to us at!
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