Roadies X: Of Martyrs and Manipulation
Posted On 2nd April, 2013 @ 14:55 pm by mtv editor

The episode of the Roadies X Journey was packed with drama, determination and the mother of all twists!

The Roadies continued their journey from Jorhat after the last elimination task and rode all the way to Tezpur where their lives took a surprising turn! While everybody expected Geetika to return from the elimination task, it was Sonal who won the task and was waiting for her teammates in their hotel room. The only person who wasn’t happy to see Sonal was Gaurav! While everyone was rejoicing the exit of Avataar and Geetika, Palak realized that the real masterminds behind the game were Roop and Mohit and she was getting played for a fool.

The next morning the Roadies headed out for their task which was reminiscent of the Roadies 8 boxing task against Vijender Singh. The twist was that the boys had to sit out of the boxing task and only the girls would battle it out against each other. The girls from Raghu’s team would compete against the girls from Rannvijay’s team; each match would have three rounds like a professional boxing setup. The prize money at stake was Rs. 1,50,000 and the girl who performed the best would win the first Hero Impulse in the Roadies X journey. The first match was between Sonal and Roopali. It was a thoroughly entertaining match where it seemed like Roopali took Sonal for a ride, she pummeled Sonal to the ground. The second match was between Roop and Ramandeep. In the first round of the match, Ramandeep sweeped home the points by leaving no room for Roop to attack. By the third round of the match, Roop was rogered by Raman. The third and final match was between Swati and Palak. The match seemed like a set of equal blows. Between Roopali and Sonal, Roopali won the match with 15 points, Ramandeep won against Roop with a staggering 26 point total and the final match between Swati and Palak was won by Swati with 14 points! Rannvijay’s team took home a total of Rs. 1,00,000 from the task and Raghu’s team secured Rs. 50,000. Ramandeep was declared the best performer and won a Hero Impulse along with Rs. 50,000 personal prize money.

The feeling of peace and harmony didn’t last too long in Rannvijay’s team; a scroll was delivered to their door which stated that if Ramandeep didn’t part with her winnings for the day, immunity would automatically be given to Raghu’s team. The moment this information was revealed, Roadies from both teams tried to pressurize Raman in to taking a decision that would benefit them. In this confusion, Suchit also tried to manipulate Raman knowing that she had feelings for him. It was then time for the vote out. Ramandeep, despite her initial intuition, gave up the bike for immunity for her team. As soon as her team was immune, Gaurav revealed his true colours and stated that he wouldn’t keep Raman in the team if it was detrimental to him. Raghu’s team was up for elimination, two Roadies would get voted out and they would battle to get back into the Roadies X journey. Roop and Anirudh got voted out and they had to battle for glory.

The Battle for Glory task was from Roadies Season 5 where a contestant had to cut a plank of wood while being suspended in the air. Roop received a 10 second advantage going into the task. Anirudh won the task against Roop. Roop made her exit from the Roadies X journey weakening the bonds of Raghu’s team.


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