⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Cellular Watch, 4K TV, iPhone X: Things You Can't Miss (Or Afford LOL) From The Apple Event
Posted On 13th September, 2017 @ 18:50 pm by Debanjan Dhar


If you’re seeing posts about Apple all over social media today, it’s because the Apple event on Tuesday was pretty lit. Contrary to popular belief, the event wasn’t just about the launch of the much-awaited iPhone X, although, according to chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Tim Cook, it has been the ‘’the biggest leap forward’’ since the original iPhone 10 years ago. Yesterday’s event was a curtain raiser for some of the most sophisticated, state of the art gadgets innovated by one of the world’s most popular, tech giants. Here’s what we’re looking at: 



1. Watch Series 3 







Yesterday’s event saw the unveiling of Apple’s next - generation watch, Series 3. The new Apple watch lets you call, message, and stream music right form your wrist. Couldn’t you do it with the earlier Apple watches as well? Yes, but this time you don’t have to connect it to an iPhone. There’s an upgrade in the operating system of the new Apple watch as well. It gets a WatchOS4 with a redesigned workout app and a ‘’smart’’ coaching activity. For all those who are focused on keeping a track of their health, the new OS offers refined heart-rate measurements. 

Priced at: US$ 399 (Rs. 25, 00 approx)



2. Apple TV 4K 








Who watches Apple TV anyway? But now it seems like Apple TV is playing catch up with its video streaming at 4K resolution features.  Apple announced that they will partner with Netflix and Amazon and offer programming in super high resolution. You can be a part of this awesome threesome starting 22 September. The Apple TV 4K will also offer customers an updated menu display, which will basically ensure that you have only Netflix and no chill, with so many options. 

Priced at: US$ 199 (Rs. 12, 736 approx)



3. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 






There have been a lot of speculations about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Some people even believed tha the phones were incubated inside dragon eggs before the first tests were made. Anyway, putting an end to all speculations, Apple finally demonstrated the new release yesterday. The biggest upgrade in the new iPhone is the camera system and the augmented-reality feature.

While the speakers are 25% louder than the iPhone 7, the glass covering on the screen is also believed to be the most durable smartphone glass ever. Looks you’re not the toughest guy in the room anymore, Nokia!  The iPhone 8 comes in two configurations – 64 GB and 256 GB. The 8 Plus also comes in two configurations. 

iPhone 8 price: US$699 (Rs. 44,000 approx)

iPhone 8 Plus price: US$799 (Rs. 51,000 approx)


4. iPhone X 








Pronounced iPhone 10, but written iPhone X because they’re edgy like that, this one has an edge-to-edge glass design, and they have done away with the Home button. Siri can be at your service over a voice command or simply by pressing a new side button. It comes with an advanced face recognition feature that lets you unlock your phone by simply looking at it. So no matter how ugly you are, there will be at least someone who will brighten up at the sight of your face – your phone.  And yes, even if you grow a beard, the Face ID feature will still work. 


 Priced: US$ 999 (Rs. 69, 950 approx)



5. Animoji






Apple realises that emoji are modern-day hieroglyphic, and the aliens are going to decipher our culture from emoji thousands of years after human civilisation ceases to exist. So they decided to make the job a bit easier for them. And for us too. The users of the new iPhone will be able to send animated emojis that mimic their facial expressions. So if there’s a particular expression that you can’t find from the thousand options all phones come pre-programmed wth… never fear, ANIMOJI are here. Here’s hoping the phone doesn’t hang when Jim Carrey tries to use the app. 


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