13 Indie Rain Songs To Go With Today’s Weather And A Cup Of Coffee
Posted On 5th December, 2017 @ 19:46 pm by Debanjan Dhar


It’s lazy, nostalgic and romantic. A cup of coffee too many and poetry in everything you see outside the window, especially the droplets on the glass door, racing down to reach the sill—it’s that kind of a day in Mumbai city. Some of you are chilling at home, some had to make it to work but that doesn’t mean you must let such a dreamy day pass without music. So let’s set the mood a little differently today? Let’s go indie!


1. But it rained – Parikrama 




It’s been more than a decade since Parikrama dropped their magnum opus, But It Rained, and we’re still looking for anything as beautiful to greet our ears. 



2. Bombay Rain – Blackstratblues





There’s something so heavy about this piece. A guitar tone that almost speaks the language of the pensive urban millennial. Walk through shiny wet cobbled city pavements, on a cold, breezy Mumbai road with Bombay Rain playing in your earphones, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. 



3. Indian Rain – Colonial Cousins 






It’s time to visit the cousins again. There’s no better day than today to get onboard for a sublime journey with Lesle Lewis, and Hariharan. 



4. Ab Ke Sawan – Shubha Mudgal 


Doesn’t mean you have to be all pensive just because it’s been cloudy all day. If you’re in the mood for some splish-splash in the puddles, here’s the song for you. 

5. Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein – Adnan Sami 


What’s a rainy evening without a thought spared for the one that got away? 

6. Garaj Baras – Junoon 


If you’re a little angsty over your office not declaring a holiday today, blast this sufi-rock number and drive everyone nuts. 

7. Boondan Boondan – Mati Bani 


This semi-classical monsoon song is so earthy that you can smell the petrichor even with the windows shut tight in your boring little classroom or office space. 

8. Malhar Jam – Agam (MTV Coke Studio Season 2)



A thunderous monsoon jam by the Bangalore based Carnatic progressive band Agam, the Malhar Jam is what should be blasting your stereo if you’re not in the mood for something mellow. 


9. Rain Song – Raghu Dixit 


We all know what Raghu Dixit’s out-of-the-world voice can do to us even in the drabbest of days. Imagine what a song by him written for just one of these rainy days can do to us. 


10. Like The Rain – Alisha Pais 


Just the kind of song for people who love their rainy days by the window, book in hand and reminiscence in mind. 


11. Baran – Parvaaz


Very experimental, very surreal and extremely introspective – just how you would imagine a Parvaaz song. 


12. Baarish Ki Boondein – Papon


If the rain had a soul, it would speak through Papon’s verses for sure. 


13. Miyan Ki Malhaar - Ayesha Omer, Fariha Pervez, Zara Madani


Another monsoon jam from the house Coke Studio--a delicate, sublime rain song you simply can’t miss. 


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