14-Month-Old Becomes One Of The Youngest Organ Donors In Gujarat, Saving Two Lives
Posted On 6th September, 2017 @ 17:24 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Tragedy struck the Shah family from Surat on 2 September when their 14-month-old baby tumbled down the stairs while playing with his four-year-old sister The infant, was rushed to the New Civil Hospital in Surat where a CT scan revealed a brain hemorrhage and multiple fractures. The boy was declared brain dead on Sunday night. 

Aradhya Mule, a three-year-old girl from Mumbai had been suffering from viral myocarditis for over a year. The inflammation in her heart had slowed down the pumping rate, and it was getting more and more difficult to get a heart that is the right size for young Aradhya. Even a social media campaign, ‘Save Aradhya’, initiated six months ago failed to find her a heart. But her search finally came to an end on Monday. 

It’s the 14-month-old Surat boy for whom Aradhya will now have a functional heart. Donate Life, a Surat-based NGO, contacted Somnath Shah’s parents urging them to donate their son’s organs. On Monday, they finally agreed. Thus, Somnath in his death restored life into another ailing child, who was losing out on time.

But Aradhya isn’t the only one Somnath saved in his death. His kidneys were harvested at the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center for a 15-year-old boy from Deesa, Gujarat. The boy has been suffering from acute renal failure for 10 years. 

Somnath’s parents will visit Aradhya in Mumbai after performing his last rites. Sunil Shah, Somenath’s father and a power loom supervisor in Surat, believes that his son will remain alive in the girl who's got his heart. Here’s what he said: "God was gracious to bless us with a son last year. But we never thought he would leave us so early. So what if we have lost him? He still lives in Aaradhya."




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