16 Bollywood Movie Names That Could’ve Used Some More Brainstorming
Posted On 14th July, 2017 @ 19:52 pm by Ketaki Mankame


A name defines a person, the same goes for the movies. In fact, the film’s name is almost as, if not more important than the mega celebs who star in them. We imagine the kind of meetings the filmmakers must have to finalise the most important aspect of the film they’ve been working on for months, sometimes years on end—the name. 

And just as we read these, we are convinced that they were either being lazy AF, or just DGAF by the end of the shooting, or maybe worse—they were just trying to mess with our heads. And guess what? They succeeded. 


1.       Jab Harry Met Sejal

While SRK is quite proud of the name, we beg to differ. First of all, it’s a shameless copy of When Harry Met Sally. Second of all, Imtiaz Ali already has a movie named Jab We Met. Or maybe Ali is hoping that the Jab We Met charm will rub off on this one too. 

Who knows? 





2.       Borivali Ka Bruce Lee

Yes, this is happening. We’re guessing Jamshedpur Ka Jackie Chan is next on the list.





3.       Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

The only reason anybody would want to watch this movie is to find out WTF is Chicken Khurana? We’ll give you some background. Chicken Khurana is a forgotten family recipe that made the protagonist’s family’s dhaaba a big deal. Turns out, the secret ingredient was a “narcotic herbal medicine”. No shit. 

Guess the makers downed some Chicken Khurana before brainstorming on this one.  





4.       Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpaty

Damn straight, no? In fact, amazing job describing every lower middle class man’s morning in just three words. 





5.       Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat

Why not just name it the Many Synonyms Of Pyaar instead? ¬¬HUH? 





6.       Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao

We hope the person responsible needed some saving from his own biwi after she heard this genius name. 





7.       Kasam Paida Karne Waale Ki

Give the man who came up with this some maa ka aashirwad, please. 

We imagine someone, after watching the movie, must’ve gone “Maa Kasam, kya solid naam rakha hai yaar!” And then realised how amazingly redundant all those extra words were—they could’ve just named it 'Maa Kasam'. *slow claps*


7 - Copy



8.       Ab…Bas!

When the movie’s poster has the protagonists making out and the name screams AB…BAS! It’s going to give you the wrong idea. But if you understand the plot, there’s a deeper meaning to it so we’ll let this be. But still, good job on getting us curious enough to want to read the plot. 





9.   Ta Ra Rum Pum

We’re sorry, but random sounds put together do not count as a legit name…





10.   One Two Three

Neither does basic counting.





11.   Rama Rama Kya Hain Drama

Zero points for the terrible rhyme. Even Baba Sehgal could’ve come up with a better name than that.  





12.      Xcuse Me

No amount of apology or warning was enough to get over this sorry excuse for a film. 





13.   Luck By Chance

Excuse us, but LUCK. IS. BY. CHANCE! This one definitely falls under the “wanted to mess with audience’s head” category.





14.   Darr @ The Mall

The fact that they’ve added the ‘@’ symbol instead of the word ‘At’ in an attempt to look cool is just too cute. That reminds us, maybe they should’ve used 'Apna Sapna $ $' instead of Apna Sapna Money Money. 





15.   Achanak

The word is so incomplete by itself that it fails to generate even basic curiosity. Achanak, what? Nobody cares.





16.   Aurat Aurat Aurat

Why, why, WHYYYY?





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