6 Times Vartina From Splitsvilla 9 Showed Us How To Love
Posted On 1st September, 2016 @ 20:04 pm by Ketaki Mankame

There are couples who are mind-numbingly annoying (PDA anybody? NO THANKS), there are couples whose romance is just too good to be true (which it most probably is) and then there are those who show us what true love is. As cheesy as it may sound, we all know it’s not always rainbows and sunshine in a relationship. Sure there will be fights and tough times, but what makes these couples the real heroes of love is their commitment to each other through the thick and thin of it all. And for us, that couple is Vartina – Varun Sood and Martina Thariyan from Splitsvilla 9.

1. When Martina asked Varun to dance with her as a way to reconcile for their fight 

Remember that time when Martina became the queen and dumped Niharika’s connection, Shubhashish out of spite? Varun was really mad at Martina for doing so because of which they had a huge fallout. But the very next day, when the Princesses were asked to dance for the boys, the queen too came forward and asked Varun to dance with her. Keeping their argument aside, they gave us a lovely performance and Varun even said, “Keeping the arguments aside I have to enjoy this moment so that I never regret it and that’s what we did.”

In spite of being the queen, Martina kept her ego aside and took the first step to reconciliation, and Varun was a total sweetheart about it. Isn’t that how a grownup relationship should be?




2. When Martina was body shamed and Varun stood up for her 

Body shaming is the cheapest way of bringing anyone down, and Isha resorted to that when she did not have a valid argument against Martina. While Martina was bold enough to defend herself, Varun, who hardly ever talks, raised his voice and proved how special Martina is to him. The way he stood up for her without being disrespectful to Isha is truly commendable. 




3. When Varun did push-ups with Martina on his back, making all the other girls jealous 

We all remember that time when Varun went shirtless and performed some crazy martial arts to please the princesses and the queen. The fact that Varun is already taken was enough for the other princesses to go green with envy. But Varun even did some push-ups letting Martina sit on his back and oh boy you should’ve seen the look on the other princesses faces. Martina, you lucky girl!




4. When he chose to go on a date with Martina knowing that it might get him dumped 

In episode 10, it was quite obvious that Rajnandini was going to dump Varun because he was Martina’s connection. Anyone else would’ve used the night before the elimination to spend it with Rajnandini to impress her, but instead, Varun decided to spend his last day in the villa with Martina. 



5. When Martina gave up her throne to save Varun 

Remember that one time when the evil queen, Rajnandini dumped Varun even when Martina begged her not to? Martina without a moment’s hesitation asked the hosts to open the book of fortune. When the book of fortune asked Martina to step down from her throne in order to save her connection, she did that. Giving up your throne to save someone is a selfless act that not many lovers will be willing to perform, but Martina did. Who’s the real queen now? 



6. Every time they proved they’re friends before being a couple 

It’s important for a couple to be each other’s friends before they become anything more. If the bond of friendship does not exist between the two, everything else is bound to fall apart. For the longest time, before Martina and Varun met on Splitsvilla 9, they had been the best of friends. Also the fact that they’re extremely competitive makes them a good team which explains why they always do so well in all the tasks together.  



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