7 Apps That Are More Useful Than You’ll Ever Be
Posted On 19th April, 2017 @ 12:39 pm by Ketaki Mankame

Based on some very highly scientific study that we’re going to pretend we’ve conducted, let’s say less than half of them. It’s time to

Based on some very highly scientific study that we’re going to pretend we’ve conducted, let’s say less than half of them. It’s time to only keep the ones you use at least once a week and uninstall all others that have just been lying there, neglected, unloved, taking up that precious space on your phone. 


1.       HipBar

The way you party is about to change forever with HipBar, a very cool app developed by Prasanna Natarajan, a Chennai-based investment banker turned entrepreneur. Just when the salary hits your account, you can go and stock up your bar on the cloud with HipBar. Your liquor bottles get stored on the app, and if you visit your neighbourhood bar, or in fact any hotel/restaurant (that has a tie-up with HipBar), then you can drink all you want and it will get settled against your stock in the app. 

Currently only available for those in Bangalore, they should be reaching out to other cities soon. Cheers!







2.       Tapzo

Like we’ve already mentioned, phone memory is sacred, which is why it’s important to have an app that aggregates as many apps as possible in one compact space. CEO Ankur Singla pointed out that people in India uninstall apps more than anywhere else in the world, and that the issue is always phone storage – which is mostly occupied with WhatsApp, obviously. From reading the news and looking for restaurants to hailing a cab, Tapzo lets you do it all. 

They proudly call themselves India’s first all-in-one app. From Zomato, Swiggy to Freecharge, Uber and more, Tapzo aggregates 35+ apps letting you save up to 100 MB internet data on browsing and updating apps. And you save up to 500 MB space on your phone. 


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3.       Wakie

For some of us, multiple alarms at five minutes intervals to wake up on time are about as useful as pineapple on pizza (Gordon Ramsay, you listening?). Wakie might seem like just another app that connects random strangers across the globe, but it has a bigger purpose to achieve – it succeeds in waking you up on time. Here’s how – you set an alarm on the app and doze off, and instead of listening to your drab alarm tone, you will actually be woken up by a call from another app user who could be anywhere across the globe — it could be someone from Argentina, USA, or even Ukraine, for all you know. Talking to a complete stranger every day first thing in the morning – Weird? Maybe. Effective? Mos def. 


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 4.       Duolingo

We all would like to have at least one foreign language on our CVs, but who has the time to actually take any classes? Even if you are committed enough, which language should you choose to dive into and become an expert in? For all such questions, Duolingo is a single point answer. A fun app that uses everyday easy examples to teach you a foreign language of your choice, you are assigned to complete one chapter every day. And bunking isn’t easy – you will constantly get reminders from the app to take your lesson (virtual mother, much?)

While it won’t turn you into a pro overnight, you can definitely pick up a few basics (okay, swear words and sweet nothings) and show off. All thanks to a free app.  


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 5.       Splitwise

Be it hanging with a bunch of friends, going out on a trip or just buying groceries with your roomies, there’s always someone who ends up paying more than their share (and then sulking about it). Splitwise is an app that lets you link with your buddies, and updates everyone on how much you’re spending every time you’re out with them. You can keep updating it with the amount of money you spend every time you’re out with them. At the end of the night/trip/month, Splitwise will let you know who owes you cash, and/or what you owe your friends. 

No more awkward conversations with friends reminding them about how much money they owe you. 






6.       Offtime

We don’t need much to procrastinate – a true expert can stare at a wall for hours when they have truckloads of work to finish. If a dingy wall is enough, imagine the amount of distraction the endless well of content across social media offers you? (We don’t really have to remind you that you’re here because you obviously have something else to do, but never mind that.)

Offtime is an app for those who are easily distracted. It disables all social media apps for a stipulated period of time so that at least this big distraction is off your list of things to blame for not getting your work done on time.  



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7.       SoundHound

Heard of Shazam? This one’s a more evolved version. You listen to a song and think to yourself, "Ooo this sounds good, let me Shazam it". But more often than not, you listen to a song and it gets stuck in our head. You can’t help but hum it because, well, who was paying attention to the lyrics when you were busy dancing your ass off at that party with your crush? And then there’s only regret because you were busy having a good time instead of Shazamming it. With SoundHound, you can actually just hum the melody – nothing like it if you know a few lyrics too, of course. SoundHound then tells you exactly which song it is that you’ve been irritably obsessing over. How about that, Shazam?  

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