7 Incredible Indian Music Videos That Could Have Been A Whole Film
Posted On 20th January, 2017 @ 14:11 pm by Debanjan Dhar

The nouvelle vogue of music videos that started in the 90s lost its relevance in the Bollywood dominated industry, and the era of incredible stories told through music videos almost ceased to exist. So, we decided to take you all for a walk down the memory lane to find those lost stories that wanted to see on the big screen so badly.

1. Tanha Dil – Shaan 

One of Shaan’s best non-Bollywood songs till date, Tanha Dil was an instant hit when it released in 2000. The music video showing Shaan walking (literally) down memory lane, almost in a daze, seeing vivid projections of his life, his friends, the fun, and then the falling apart with the death of his favourite music teacher. Finally, he sees a car stop by with his friends getting out of it one by one until he sees his own self coming out of the driver’s seat – an oasis of memories in the middle of nowhere. We all wanted to know what happened next. 




2. Piya Basanti – Chitra and Ustad Sultan Khan 

A car pulls over at a little tea-stall by a waterfall on a winding mountain road. A confused, young girl walks out of the vehicle, wondering why her father has pulled over in the middle of nowhere, unaware this is where he met her mother for the first time. Cut to a flashback of the father -- a young member of an insurgent group meets a young lady, who looks exactly like the daughter, and that’s when the acoustic guitar followed by the soulful voice of Chitra and Ustad Sultan Khan kicks in the beautiful composition by Sandesh Shandilya, tackles love in the time of revolution, and a man who was a wanted insurgent, constantly on the run. The first scene does imply that they managed to be together in spite of the chase by the police, but what happened to the girl? Why wasn’t she there when the man visited the place years later with his daughter? HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL US?




3. Noori – Bally Sagoo 

Bally Sagoo killed it with his remix of the 1979 hit, Noori. Just as we were getting used to the idea of remixes back in the early 2000s, we were hit by this brilliant piece of production. The music video, however, took things to a whole new level. Playing on the old Bollywood cliché of the ghost of a young woman, draped in a white sari and holding a candle, walking by herself and singing to her lost love, Noori’s video was a brilliantly shot pastiche way ahead of its time. Watch it now, and you’ll still get the creeps. 




4. Maeri – Euphoria 

Indian trains and platforms never looked as artistic and romantic before Euphoria’s music video of their chartbusting track, Maeri. Rimi Sen’s best work, in our opinion, and had that music video been a movie, she would surely have been one of the most sought-after actresses today. The Indian audience saw the fine actor in Euphoria’s front man, Palash Sen, especially in the scene where he stands in the middle of a windy village road with a shawl a round his shoulders, lip-syncing those monstrously high notes.




5. Dekha Hai Aise Bhi – Lucky Ali 

It was 1997, one of the best times for the Indian independent music scene, and Lucky Ali was a huge hit. Dekha Hai Aise Bhi is a song that a generation swears by even today and the music video featuring Ali travelling through an arid Texas gave him that image of a worldly, traveller with a guitar we still associate him with. It was so well shot that it was hard to believe that the scenes weren’t a part of any movie. We suspect (hope?), Shyam Benegal drew inspiration from this when he made Road, Movie with Abhay Deol in 2009 featuring Dekha Hai Aise Bhi on the soundtrack. 




6. Paisa – Agosh 

It wasn’t the best-shot music video, and it didn’t have any models or even a cinematic narrative. What it did have, however was a winning concept. Standing at the edge of globalisation and the rapid growth of capitalisation in India, a young group of men express their anxiety that creeps in from the capitalist promise – you can be big, you can be rich and famous too. But in a country of a billion people, how does each citizen live the dream that most commercial advertisements throw at their face? The video shows the band members living their lives in advertisements, (the most popular of the time) and even participating in game shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati – quite a satirical commentary on the anxious Indian, lured by the capitalist promise, and losing sleep over the dream of becoming a millionaire. 




7. Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna – Armaan Malik 

The strange thing about Armaan Malik’s 2015 music video is that it makes us happy and sad at the same time. Happy because these days, it’s very rare to see any real efforts being put into making a music video, unless it’s for a movie promotion. Such a cinematic treat made just for a music video comes across as an incredible initiative. However, ironically enough, it’s a shame that it’s not a full movie because we would love to see what happens to David in the end. 


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