Anushka Sharma’s Pari Is Making Us Very, Very Uncomfortable
Posted On 2nd February, 2018 @ 18:22 pm by MTV Editor



Anushka Sharma is sitting on a bed watching Goofy (not code for ‘Virat Kohli’, that was yesterday) on television, smiling absentmindedly, like a child. Cute. And then the camera pans to reveal that her wrists are chained. And so are her feet.


Then things get intense. Her feet are… not human. Is she a witch? A ghoul? Or just possessed?

The team of Pari, Sharma’s next film, released what they are calling a ‘screamer’, which sounds apt so far.



The film is building up to something that looks like it’s ready to blow our minds. But given Bollywood’s track record with horror movies, one can never be sure. The trailer is promising AF, though. The film releases 2 March 2018.   


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