Blanket Ban Brought To You By BookMyBai: No More Maids For Bollywood
Posted On 18th April, 2017 @ 18:43 pm by MTV Editor

We are so disappointed.

Don’t have the time to run your own errands? There’s an app for that. Wish someone would wash and cut your fruits and veggies for you? There’s an app for that too. And then there are apps that are equipped to keep a log of your expenditures, get cleaners to restore your house after a weekend bash, hoard your stuff in a separate warehouse… basically, if you can imagine it, there’s probably an app for it. Adding to this elaborate list is, the country’s largest online maid bureau that launched 2015, with an active presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata. The portal aggregates trained house managers bound by proper processes, available for cooking (cuisine-wise), cleaning, babysitting and even offering care for the elderly, that makes them one of the most sought-after domestic help service today. 


With such a proper system in place, it’s not surprising that the rich and famous have signed up too. Except, we hear they’ve been behaving…well, badly. 


A recent blog on (possibly written by the founder) announced a blanket ban on offering any domestic help to Bollywood celebrities because of their experience, which he claims was nothing less than horrendous. The author of the blog also mentions few of the incidents that led to the decision, calling them out on their behaviour, without naming and shaming them. And each incident is more classic than the last:


While one celebrity did not allow the house help to head back to his village to perform his mother’s last rites for the lack of immediate replacement, another celebrity drove the maids nuts as seven consecutive maids quit in 7-10 days each (they weren’t given food and were expected to survive on tea and biscuits). He goes on to narrate two incidents where famous actresses were physically beating their maids causing bruises followed by threats that if a replacement wasn’t sent, they could take to Twitter to take the company down. And the story still doesn’t end — yet another celebrity refused to pay up for the maid that the company had given her, and threatened to go to the crime branch to file a case of extortion. 


If only one’s social status were directly proportional to one’s humility/humanity, money would have been a real yardstick of success. But if these stories are to be believed…it’s really quite heartbreaking to think that the very people you idolise are capable of such pettiness. Maybe we need to reassess the pedestal we so often place them on.

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