Chetan Bhagat Reacts To Firecracker Ban, Twitter Facepalms
Posted On 10th October, 2017 @ 15:50 pm by Ketaki Mankame


While the country heaved a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court banned firecrackers in Delhi yesterday, there was one person who was not pleased with the decision. Naturally, he took to Twitter to express his distress. Because, well, “what’s Diwali without crackers for kids?” Who cares about the kids who are forced to work in factories and are exposed to toxic substances? Who cares about pollution? Who cares about the animals and babies who get severely affected by the noise? Who cares about the respiratory diseases all this causes? And most importantly, who the hell cares about the environment? We don't know about you, but Chetan Bhagat clearly doesn’t. 


The Five Point Someone writer, Chetan Bhagat, is known more for being trolled and less for his writing ventures. While we agree that trolls and haters can sometimes be super unreasonable and out of control, Bhagat's comment deserved the flak this time. 



After the SC announced that they’re banning the sale of firecrackers across Delhi, this is what the “writer” had to say.



 And he didn’t stop there…







Clearly, he was pretty enraged. Because, look, the writer resorted to sarcasm to get his point across. How cute.





This series of tweets was like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. In less than 10 minutes, replies of people enraged with his “opinion” started pouring in. 














Then, unsurprisingly, Bhagat made things worse. Instead of ignoring the hate and going back to his bubble, he started replying.











And things got a little dirty…







And here we present denial and ignorance at its best! 







Even Shashi Tharoor, Member of the Parliament, replied to Bhagat in an attempt to shove some sense down his head.





But Bhagat didn’t budge. Surprisingly, his arguments kept getting more and more ridiculous, one tweet at a time. 





Then he just got really defensive, and clearly missed the point. WOW. 







And then he tried to distract everyone by retweeting Padmavati’s kickass trailer to save his own ass from more hate and trolls. 





*slow claps*








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