Do You Feel Like January Is Never-Ending? You’re Not The Only One.
Posted On 31st January, 2018 @ 18:24 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Generally, as we grow older, years seem to get shorter and shorter. But not 2018. Just when you were about to share pictures of your last NYE party captioned #ThrowbackWithFamJam #HowTimeFlies, you realise it’s STILL JANUARY! Time is just not flying this time. It’s like a dead fly high on a mosquito coil. It’s like checking the time at 4:45 pm in math class and then checking it again after 20 minutes to find that it’s still freaking 4:45 pm. We have seen bank tellers work faster than this. Forget that, we have had dial-up connections faster than this. Maybe because January 2018 has been boring as coitus. Literally nothing happened this month, except for two lunar eclipses of course. Last year January was freaking eventful—Trump was inaugurated as the 45th US President, California’s Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyweed, I finally met my girlfriend’s boyfriend—the month passed in a flash. But this January is like that guest who gets up to leave but begins a new conversation at the door… 

No, we’re not exaggerating. It’s a major concern and people are actually raising their voices on social media about this unusual phenomenon. Check it out for yourself.  























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