Every Road Has A Story To Tell
Posted On 4th February, 2019 @ 17:28 pm by Riya Poojary


Every trip is unique for the memories one creates while traveling. Every trip leaves us with stories that change us in some way or the other. Travel lets you look at not just the world but even introspect in a whole new way. Whether these memories are created by choice or a mishap, nevertheless, every road trip bestows upon us memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

We found such unique monsoon stories on CEAT MTV #ChaseTheMonsoon 5.

1. Life is much like a canvas. The colours you pick decide whether it'll become a masterpiece, or if you'll be the only one appreciating its beauty. Sawant Sanskar was stuck in one such dilemma too. Job vs Passion. Desire vs choice. Want vs Need. Money vs Risk. The dilemma every 20 something goes through when you must take a step that changes your life! Sanskar will never forget that ride in the rains that washed away all his fears. Watch his story about that one ride in the rains that changed his life.



2. Sometimes you discover your passion when you least expect it. Sometimes it happens when you are helping someone else fulfill their dreams. Smriti has one such story to tell. Trying to make her dad’s dream come true made her go from being a pillion to a passionate rider.



3. Sometimes you need an angel in your life. An angel who walks into your life and changes the course of it without you even realizing. An angel who graced the lives of these kids battling for life, is a must watch story of love, courage and hope.





4. A road trip without your best friends is incomplete. But is it possible to recreate those old memories in today's busy lives? Before you answer us, let us remind you how it’s always your best friends who go out of their way to put a smile across your face. Watch a heart-warming story of such friendship.



5. Sometimes it's not a bad idea to get lost. Because that's when we find our true self. If each one of us takes a step towards a better tomorrow, we might be able to achieve the dream for a better world. Watch a ride that changed Ashwin's life and introduced him to his new self. Stories of self-discoveries are not so bad after all. 



6. Love can happen anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Love at first sight is heard of. But what happens when it's love at first sight with a runaway bride? We’re not joking. We are bringing to you a real-life story just like this. Watch now to find out what happened.



 7. What's a cure for a heartbreak? A cup of warm tea, some crying, a solo road trip or meeting a new friend? Everyone goes through a heartbreak at least once. But the way each one of us deals with it is different. During her tough times, Pooja found solace in a new buddy she met on a solo road trip. Find out more about a story of one such heartache.



8. Sometimes a ride can turn into a nightmare, literally. The biggest fear of any solo rider is the ride turning into a nightmare. And that's exactly what happened when Pravesh decided to spend a night at an isolated hotel. Watch this spooky story right away. We are getting the chills, are you?



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