From A Corporate Job To Painting Cafés, Sanskar Sawant Is Chasing The Visual Language Of The Country
Posted On 6th November, 2017 @ 16:45 pm by Mihika Jindal



One may have a creative background, but what is it worth when you get stuck in a corporate humdrum that sure helps you pay your bills, but throws your creative side out of the window? You find yourself standing at a junction: one way leads you back to your comfort (but frustrating) zone, and the other to freedom (albeit challenging)


Sanskar Sawant, whose bio on Instagram reads: A motorcyclist who can draw, was in a similar spot one year ago. And he chose freedom. With a fine arts background, Sawant was working for an ad agency that wasn’t enough for him. So he quit his regular job and went to Pushkar to spend some substantial time there. “I had nothing to do this time around. So I spent a lot of time interacting with the local artisans like camel decorators, ceramic potters, jewellery designers, who I have plans to collaborate with eventually. And the visual language of the place was really intriguing me. So while I wanted to stay on for longer, I was left with no money.” Sawant was planning to head back when the owner of this café he had been staying at offered an extended free stay if Sawant agreed to paint the café walls. And just like that Sawant started his new journey that he calls #PastelsOfInda.





Sawant travels quite a bit, “I have explored the corners of Ladakh, have ridden from Mumbai to Kaza in Himachal Pradesh, have gone all around Bhutan, and also travelled from Rajasthan to Nepal,” he says. And all this travel has helped him make a lot of friends for whom he often ends up painting spaces for attractive barters. “I painted this café in Kalga in Himachal, a countryside corner. And then I did one in Manali. I also painted a café in South Goa recently for free beers and fish.”





While on one of his many adventures, Sawant once ended up in Satara, a small place in Maharashtra. “I painted a school that takes care of the underprivileged kids. The school is surrounded by mountains on all sides, it’s peaceful, green, and because I had gone in the monsoon, the vibe was even better,” Sawant recollects. The kids there have no idea of what lies outside of Satara. “So I told them that there is nothing special that lies outside. That you guys are at the best place. And encouraged them to go out and sketch whatever they liked. So this entire experience ended up being like a workshop. The kids bought some elements like specific type of trees and hand pumps to the table. I composed all of them on the wall and asked them to fill colour. By the end of it, they were damn excited to own all those murals. So while the effort was theirs, the visual voice was mine.”



Last one year for Sawant, thus, has been full of (free) travels and painting different spaces. What’s the plan hereon? “I have already painted six cafés. Now I am thinking, why not paint at least one café in each state and tell the visual language of the country through my murals. I intend on doing this for the next year or two and this is what is #PastelsOfIndia.”


Catch the story of Sanskar Sawant on Ceat MTV Chase The Monsoon 5 powered by Suzuki 2 Wheelers -, or watch the video here:


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