Fuk Fuk Fukrey Fuk Fukrey Returns This December With Some Intense Madness
Posted On 13th November, 2017 @ 14:23 pm by Mihika Jindal



Farhan Akhtar, the producer for the Fukrey franchise, put out this tweet this morning:



And the trailer of Fukrey Returns is the only thing we needed to tackle the Monday blues. The madness has returned with an extra dose of Choocha, Zafar, Lali, Hunny and none other than Bholi Punjaban. In the 2 minutes, and 34 seconds of sneak peak into the Fukrey sequel, it already promises a laughter riot. The characters have returned with their quirks, only enhanced. Choocha, who could earlier make up lottery-winning numbers out of his dreams, can now see the future. And obviously, this has driven the whole bunch mad, who are now chasing this treasure hidden in some haveli that is protected by a tiger. (What?!)


Gags, tricks and some insane dynamics between the characters, this is one trailer you don’t want to miss. The film is ready to hit the theatres on 15 December.   


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