Guess Who’s Finally Playing Aladdin In Disney’s Live Action Adaption Of Arabian Nights?
Posted On 14th July, 2017 @ 17:52 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Until a day ago, everything seemed set for Disney’s live action adaptation of the animated classic Arabian Nights, except an actor to play Aladdin. Hollywood giant Guy Ritchie, who’s directing the movie, couldn’t seem to find a guy to play the Middle Eastern fictional legend even after auditioning more than 2000 actors in London, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and India. Apparently, one of the actors who had auditioned had a suitable background in singing. 


So they took to Twitter to put out a casting call. 






So Twitter decided to help out the poor guys at Disney. In came the wildest suggestions pouring in from across the world. 








 Really? Disney can’t find an actor who can sing and dance in Bollywood? For a guy who has directed Sherlock Holmes, the solution to this problem should have been elementary. 








According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Ritchie has finalised an actor called Siddharth Gupta for the role. Who’s is Siddharth Gupta? He’s a 23-year-old Dehradun boy, who’s currently studying acting in the United States. Gupta had made his Bollywood debut with the Ekta Kapoor produced, and Aman Sachdeva directed Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi (Kuku Mathur got screwed). While one would need a microscope to find a soul who has watched this 2014 flick in India, it seems like Hollywood A-lister, Guy Ritchie is definitely impressed with Kuku Mathur. 







Although a source close to the production unit has said Gupta has already signed a non-disclosure agreement with Disney, Disney neither confirmed nor denied signing Siddharth.







As for Jasmine, two actresses have been shortlisted from hundreds of candidates – Sasha Agha and Tara Sutaria. Daughter of Pakistani British singer and actor Salma Agha, Sasha has been a part of Bollywood films like Aurangzeb and Desi Kattey. 





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