Guess Who Was Blamed For Virat Kohli’s Poor Performance In IND Vs SA Test Series?
Posted On 8th January, 2018 @ 16:16 pm by MTV Editor


There can be a hundred reasons why Virat Kohli’s performance in the first match of the ongoing test series in South Africa sucked. Maybe he wasn’t prepared, maybe the pitch wasn’t in his favour, or it could be as simple as ‘it just wasn’t his day’. I mean, we’re 200% sure that Anushka Sharma had nothing to with it.


But people in India worship cricket like nobody’s business, and we’ve seen instances of fans getting personal when (if ever) Kohli performs poorly in matches. And what’s the most logical thing to do when things start going wrong? We start blaming others. In this case, Anushka Sharma has received way too much flak already for absolutely no logical reason. And while Kohli slammed these haters last year, some will never learn.

















Things took an ugly route online with fans blaming Anushka Sharma, yet again, for Kohli’s poor performance. We mean, Kohli is never blamed if Sharma’s movies do poorly at the box office. It’s 2018, guys. Stop being such sore losers.


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