Karan Johar Apologises To Alia Bhatt, And He Makes Complete Sense
Posted On 8th January, 2018 @ 19:55 pm by MTV Editor


The recent changes in Karan Johar’s life are proving to be a game changer for him. No, he isn't getting married. And no, he's not moving to Hollywood either.


Johar has just been introspecting quite a bit lately, which has led him to say things that are straight from the heart kinda honest, whether you like them or not.  


In one of the recent episodes of his new radio show on 104.8 FM (yup, he's also an RJ now, in case you’ve been grazing your cattle somewhere far away from civilisation), Johar revealed an uncomfortable truth:

“I asked Alia to lose weight, and now, when I see her hysterical about how she looks, I feel responsible… She’s in the gym every day and even if she puts on an extra kilo, she goes crazy. I think I am to blame for it. Now that I am a parent, I would never do this to Roohi and I would like to apologise to Alia.”



A girl who got a foot into Bollywood's door straight out of school, we remember Alia Bhatt from her audition video—a pleasantly plump, and talented girl, full of energy and enthusiasm. We can only imagine the kind of impact a successful director like KJo must have had on his favourite student of the year right at the onset of her career. But now that parenthood and age have hit him square on the head, we’re guessing his future mentees will feel far less pressure about what they look like, allowing them instead to focus on developing and delivering their craft. One can only hope! 

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