Make Sanskaar, Not Love: 6 Hilarious Bollywood Ways to Have Sex
Posted On 14th February, 2018 @ 12:59 pm by Mihika Jindal




Sanskaar is our biggest virtue. And being shy and saying “haw” our first reaction to most things that doesn’t match up to our sanskaari yarsticks. Coming from such a place, you can only imagine what happens when some even remotely hints towards making love!


Bollywood has to often bear the burden of these sanskaari orthodoxies. But has Bollywood succumbed? Not a chance! The filmmakers have just taken a different route, where they only suggest, and leave everything else to the imagination of the cinemagoers. Those flickering lights, the ruffled bedsheets, or the shaking flowers—all of these and more have been enough. 


Here are just some of the bizarre ways in which Bollywood depicts love. 


1. The Classic: Flower vs Flower

The hero and heroine have broken into a song replete with metaphors and confessions. They are usual walking through picturesque landscapes while humming the song. And just when things get intimate, the scene cuts to two shaking flowers filling the screen to suggest intimacy between the couple.  




2. A butterfly and a flower

If two flowers don’t cut it for you, there is a metaphor tad better that Bollywood loves using—a butterfly that flies and  sits on a blooming flower. While this visual keeps you engaged/distracted, consider the dirty deed done.  




3. The pigeons

Animals, obviously, don’t do morals. So when people are sitting on the edge of their seats ready to shout “haaye, haaye” at humans snogging, it’s only fair to substitute them with cooing pigeons. 




4. All good in the hood

Hero approaches heroine. She’s reluctant, just like him. There’s a nip in the air, and it’s (obviously) raining. What happens next? Well the hero pulls his hoodie over his head, gets her to come in too, and that’s it! Let your imagination roll.  




5. Ruffled sheets

 A battleground stained with blood is a fair sign of the war that caused it. Bollywood brings the same analogy to its love making—a bed with ruffled sheets and pillows thrown all over (sometime even torn apart) is a fair assumption of what just went down. 





6. Footsy in bed

All intimate action, presumably, starts with some caressing. So if the camera focusses on two pairs of feet doing a little something, don’t wait for things to get steamier. And consider the act done. Move on. 






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