Mooch Nahin Toh Kuch Nahin? Ranveer Singh Takes It All Off. Slowly.
Posted On 13th July, 2017 @ 09:20 am by MTV Editor


"Damn, this is the hardest thing I've ever done." 


Ranveer Singh last night invited all his fans and followers to join him live on Insta stories where he promised to "share a very very significant moment" in his life. 


After a year of sporting, twirling, and carefully tending to one of the most handsome beards we've seen around in a long time, Singh was going to snip and shave it all off! 


In what was a heartbreaking Instagram live video, Singh set the mood with his "comfort song" Urvasi Urvasi blasting through his portable Marshall. Even as he asked, "you ready for it?" in an attempt to psych himself more than anyone watching, fans sent furiously paced messages with hearts and crying emoji saying HAWWWW and Noooooooo (and also Nnnnnnnn because typing is hard when you're panicking on your favourite celebrity's behalf). 


Starting with the perfectly twirled ends of his moustache, Singh went on to take deeeeeep breaths and swear through the proceedings. 


"I feel like I'm cutting off my own body part!" he exclaimed dramatically (how else?), invoking memories of the time Deepika Padukone took relish in trimming his beard. 


And, just like that, our favourite Bollywood beast went from Old Alauddin Khilji to Young Alauddin Khilji (the character he plays in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming period drama Padmavati, for which he groomed the beard in the first place). 


"Please send in some tender love and care because...uhhhh..." he implored, before signing off to go concentrate on buzzing more of it off because... "such is life!" 


If you're a fan of things like PTSD, here's the whole damn video:



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