New Kick On The Block: All You Need To Know About The #BowWowChallenge
Posted On 17th May, 2017 @ 10:21 am by Ketaki Mankame

It all began with a harmless Instagram post.

There comes a time in every social media junkie’s life when raging Twitter wars (PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA? GO BACK TO PAKISTAN!) don’t cut it anymore, and we’re all meme’d out (yes, that’s a real thing that can happen). That’s when we think of ways to challenge ourselves without ever leaving the couch in the global living room that is the internet. Sometimes this means pouring a bucket of water on your head, other times it calls for throwing backpacks at unsuspecting passers-by; today, our collective call to action is the #BowWowChallenge. 


What? Basically, an ‘expectation vs. reality’ set-up in photographs. A couple of days ago, renowned rapper/host/actor, Shad Gregory Moss (better known as Lil’ Bow Wow) took to his Instagram handle to post a picture of a private jet with expensive cars and a pretentious filter saying that he was flying to NYC for a press meet. 




The rapper’s 3.4 million Instagram followers are obviously used to seeing such posts on his handle, so nobody really reacted – until a guy tweeted a picture of Bow Wow’s Instagram post on the left side with a screenshot from his Snapchat saying that he saw Lil Bow Wow on a public flight to NYC the same day he posted that lavish-ass image. Talk about deception!






And that, kids, is how a series of #BowWowChallenge pictures starting flooding social media. They’ve already started internet world domination and are soon to hit our country. Here are some really hilarious ones that you can draw inspiration from for your own #BowWowChallenge. Represent!


















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