Now You Can Pay & Receive Money Through WhatsApp. Check If Your App Has Been Updated Now
Posted On 9th February, 2018 @ 15:51 pm by Debanjan Dhar


If you thought WhatsApp was a life saver, what would you say to this? You can now send and receive money through this wonder app—can WhatsApp be any more cool? The new ‘Payment’ feature can be accessed from the Chat Window in the Attachments menu. As you click on Payment, you will receive a prompt to link your UPI. Users who don’t have an UPI account yet should go to a UPI app or the bank’s website right away. With 200 million users in the country, the payment feature will give digital transactions in India a huge boost. Currently, the service is available for select WhatsApp beta users on iOS and Android. 


WhatsApp has recently rolled out ‘WhatsApp Business’ in India for Android. Available on the Google Play Store, the app is yet to be made accessible for iOS users. In a statement earlier, WhatsApp has mentioned thus: 


“People can continue using WhatsApp as usual—there's no need to download anything new. And people will continue to have full control over the messages they receive, with the ability to block any number, including businesses, as well as report spam.”


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