One More Item Added To Baba Sehgal’s Menu—Adrak Wali Chai
Posted On 11th October, 2017 @ 14:18 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Chai makes everything better. Even the unseasonal thunderstorms become bearable with a cup of warm adrak wali chai. And while we were sipping on some, we wondered, almost rhetorically, how nobody has ever written a song about it yet? We mean, if there are songs about rajma chawal, chicken fried rice and aloo ka parathas, why not a song about chai?


And as if our mind was read, Baba Sehgal just released a new single on his YouTube channel adding another food item on the menu that his discography is. Keeping a cup of warm chai on his bald head, he sings about how chai is machaoing dhoom in his life. Sehgal can be seen sipping on chai like it’s the elixir of life throughout the video, every time he takes a break from singing praises about it. 


So while you get yourself a nice cup of post-lunch chai, give this chartbuster a listen:


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