Pagla Superhero Pad Man Will Change How Indian Sees Menstruation In 2018
Posted On 15th December, 2017 @ 15:53 pm by Mihika Jindal



R. Balki’s Pad Man trailer released this morning, giving us a glimpse into this film inspired by a true story—the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. 


While chemists in urban cities continue to wrap sanitary napkins in layers of black polythene or newspaper before handing it out, one can only imagine the absurdities that surround menstruation, and the use of sanitary napkins. Amidst all the hush-hush arose Muruganantham, the original Pad Man, who made affordable sanitary napkins for women in rural areas after months of secretly experimenting on himself. Why? Because when he got married, he saw his wife using disposed rags and paper during her period, which troubled him endlessly. And it’s his life that has inspired Akshay Kumar’s character in the movie. 


The trailer opens with Amitabh Bachchan’s voice comparing America’s superheroes to India’s real superhero, Pad Man. The trailer summarises the struggle of Pad Man, of how he learnt to make the sanitary napkin and had to try it on himself because he was sure to not get any support from his village, which instead tagged him mad. 


“You thinking I’m mad, but mad only becoming famous,” says Pad Man, who is not ready to back down. Rebuked by his sister, deserted by his wife, and shunned by his village, Pad Man continues his journey to offer women in rural areas a hygienic way to deal with periods.


Because he knows: “Bloody men! Half an hour man bleeding like woman, they straight die.”


The film starring Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte, and Sonam Kapoor is all set to kickstart 2018 on a positive note and hit the theatres on 26 January. 


Watch the trailer here:


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