Return The Favour: Gifting Options For The Men In Your Life
Posted On 18th November, 2016 @ 20:19 pm by Mihika Jindal

Gifting men can get tough. We're trying to ease it out for you.

It’s International Men’s Day and we’re glad to suggest some amazing gifting options. Read on for some new-age brands offering a range of grooming products and special men accessories. You’re welcome. 


1. Ustraa by Happily Unmarried

Basic packaging and modest flavours (they think it’s too feminine to call it fragrance) make Ustraa an immediate go-to brand. The minimalist bottles and street-style designs will instantly remind you of the barbers under the tree. From Badass Sexy to Old School to Smoke House, they have everything from rugged to chic feels covered.   

Cost: Rs. 1,897 for the three-month subscription plan. Other gift boxes start from Rs. 899.





2. The Man Company

Hair gel, shampoo, face wash, beard oil, beard wash, soap bar, body wash, shaving gel — you name it, and they have it. They believe that all that no swanky suits or chic casuals are going to get you anywhere without impeccable grooming. And we couldn’t agree more. Their premium range is definitely worth checking out.

Cost: The range of products start from Rs. 250.


man company



3. Ezzo Box

The Ezzo Box takes things up a notch. Besides grooming products, Ezzo’s also packs ties, sunglasses, cufflinks, socks and most things cool curated by their stylists. We recommend this for those serious about their style. 

Cost: Rs. 1,399 per month. 





4. Beardo

If your partner has been sporting a lacklustre mane, Beardo is what you should be looking at. They boast about natural ingredients and are everything you’d need to groom that Movember beard. We’d actually pick these for their cool packaging.   

Cost: The range of products start from Rs. 195.





5. MSM Box

MSM or My Style Mile could be a solution to the confusion of what to gift (choosing gifts for a man is so hard). Their subscription box for men packs a host of grooming products. You can pick their MSM Bull Dawg box – the Grizzly Beard – and help you friends (or your partner) to tame those crazy locks.

Cost: Their subscription box is for Rs. 1,495.     


MSM box



6. Tee20

If you know a ‘mummy chahiye’ kind of guy who’s always nagging people (mostly female friends) to take them shopping, direct them to Tee20 instead. Fill a short questionnaire (they will cater to your taste, your favourite colours, your body type. This is almost too easy) and get a personal online stylist who’d be more than glad to both decide for you and also ship the clothes across. 

Cost:  Depending on what you choose.





7. Spruce Shave Club

These guys could be one of man’s best friends. With a range of value for money products, they are an instant go-to option (demonitisation has left us without cash. Also, we’re in the third week of the month) who will take care of both your wallet, and his face. They are also ready to keep your friend’s/partner’s shaving schedule going without bothering anyone. All you have to do is let them know how frequently your guy shaves and they’ll deliver the products accordingly all through the year. There will never be an excuse for being shabby. 

Cost: Rs. 1,358 for an annual shaving plan. 


sprice shave




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