Rewind & Replay: 17 Highlights of 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind (Or Maybe Not)
Posted On 28th December, 2017 @ 18:25 pm by MTV Editor



There were so many fads, trends, and highlights to this year! We kept bouncing from one to the next. Here’s our roundup of the top 17 of 2017 (see what we did there?).


1. Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan

Members of Parliament held a broom for a day and that was that. A little-known fact is that demonetisation and GST were part of the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan and there's no doubt that they were very successful... in cleaning your wallet.



The cat did it better.



2. Pokémon Go

The game that reimagined hallucination as a product. Critics called it a groundbreaking augmented reality game, schizophrenics called it a rip-off.




3. Fidget F**king Spinners

Fidget spinners are proof that we evolved from apes and also that the process is ongoing.




4. McGregor vs Mayweather Boxing Match

Some people got up on the morning of the match and suddenly realised that they were big-time boxing fans. The next day, they found out that they’re just pretentious people who need to stop following American news.



Just get a room, you two!


5. Phelps vs Great White shark

Michael Phelps, winner of 23 Olympic Gold medals, didn’t even race against a real white shark. He raced against a computer simulation whose swim speed was based on data derived from the real thing, and lost by two seconds. The Ministry of Sharks responded with this incisive meme:


point 5



6. Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyun Maara?

The answer to this overhyped cliffhanger was actually pretty straightforward, “Because someone told him to.” #SpoilerAlert #SorryNotSorry




7. Doklam: India-China standoff

China decided to be a bully for over three months, and then signed an agreement saying that it’s trying to grow up and be an adult. Here’s our message to you, China:




8. The Sidecut Haircut

If you think this hairstyle is a good idea, fashion is the least of your problems.


point 8


9. Oscar Mix-Up

Robots are definitely taking over reading names from cards at award shows because clearly some people can’t tell the difference between Moonlight and La La Land.



How does one miss that?



10. Checking for Helmets

This happens from time to time on Mumbai roads, depending on whether the traffic police are in the mood to do their job or not.




11. Cyclone Ockhi

Every natural disaster is a fad.




12. Covfefe

The answer to Life, Universe and Everything is 42. We found the question:


point 12


13. Solar Eclipse

It’s possible that an eclipse is the universe’s way of saying, “change your perspective”. That’s deep.




14. Pollution Levels in Delhi

Pollution was a minor inconvenience till it disrupted a cricket match and now it’s priority numero uno.




15. Everyone wants to be like SnapChat

SnapChat became a fad when Facebook and Instagram chose to become SnapChat. That’s a dick move, Zuckerberg, and you know it!




16. Cold Shoulder Tops

People call it a fad now, but ask any Indian male and they'll tell you that the cold shoulder has always been in fashion.


point 16


17. Rickrolling

PM Modi has decided to resign after being fed up of the criticism that his decisions have garnered. Here is exclusive footage of him making the announcement:



This fad hasn’t passed yet. We hope it never does!


Let us know if we missed any major fad in the comments section below!



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