Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha Join Rajput Kerni Sena In Opposing Padmavati’s Release
Posted On 7th November, 2017 @ 16:42 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Padmavati has had its fair share of trouble since the production of the film began. And just how the plot thickens at the climax of a film, the same seems to be happening as the release date nears. After Rajput Kerni Sena’s open threats to Bhansali, a Brahmin outfit Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha is also opposing the film’s release. These Hindu outfits are really convinced that Bhansali has distorted historical facts and showcased Rani Padmini in an unflattering light.  


"As per the feelings of the general public, screening of this movie should be stopped otherwise the Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha will oppose this movie," the state president of Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha, Suresh Mishra, told DNA. While the Rajput Kerni Sena have resorted to violence, this outfit hasn’t taken any major steps yet to voice their opposition. "They (Bhansali's team) are trying to defame Padmavati by distorting historical facts. No one can tolerate this,” Mishra added.


In fact they’ve suggested that a special screening be held for a 15-member panel which will include historians before the film’s actual release to make sure Bhansali hasn’t indeed distorted any facts. “I have categorically told him that the film must be shown to a 15-member panel of experts from the state (Rajasthan). The panel should include experts in history. If they give a green signal that the film does not distort historical facts and has no imaginary love scenes between Allaudin Khilji and Rani Padmavati, only then will we take back our opposition,” Mishra insisted.


Rajput Kerni Sena along with other religious groups have demanded the same. Last Friday, a full-on protest took place in Chittorgarh led by the Rajput Kerni Sena and since then, even cinema owners are asking for protection to screen the period drama. With more and more obstacles being added every day, the plot truly has thickened and we cannot begin to anticipate what the climax of Padmavati is going to look like IRL.


Padmavati releases 1 December 2017. 


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