Suhel Seth Just Corrected Shashi Tharoor’s English, Which Means Anything Can Happen In 2018
Posted On 2nd January, 2018 @ 18:34 pm by MTV Editor


You wouldn’t dare correct Shashi Tharoor’s English, even if there was a glaring mistake staring you in the face. What if it’s stylistic liberty? You don’t want to get trolled for trying to police Tharoor on grammar, of all things. Then again, you’re no Suhel Seth either. In what is being called "a ballsy move" by the terribly self-important Twitterati, Seth spotted a typo in Tharoor's tweet and challenged him to a game of English Language. Here’s what happened: 


The ONE rare time that Shashi Tharoor wrote something on Twitter that the average netizen could fathom, he made a typo. 









And good ol' Suhel Seth wasted no time in landing a slow burn. 













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