This Music Video Of Women Skating In Saris Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Week
Posted On 17th February, 2017 @ 19:47 pm by Ketaki Mankame

Drop everything you’re doing and watch this video RN.

While women in our country face the worst kind of sexism and are exploited on a daily basis, they refuse to play victim. There are female gangs across the country who inspire us every day with their empowering activities. There are female bikers, auto rickshaw drivers, truck drivers and what not across the country who are just living their lives, being badass at everything they do.


A director from the UK, Sasha Rainbow made a visit to India and decided to make a music video on two all-female skateboarding groups in Bangalore. The video features little girls and grown-up women skateboarding in saris while bystanders gape at them in awe. The director is so impressed with the girls’ stories that she is going to come back and make a full-fledged documentary on them soon. 


The video features a song by UK indie rock band Wild Beasts titled Alpha Female. Watch the full music video here and feel proud. 

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