Twitter Was All About Blame Game Today, Thanks To #MumbaiRains
Posted On 5th December, 2017 @ 12:47 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Okay, it's raining in Mumbai again. It started last night and everyone’s been in a mad frenzy since, what with trying to get home from work. Some naïve souls were constantly refreshing their emails to make sure they didn’t by chance miss one from the HR of a holiday due to cyclone Ockhi. But the night passed, morning came, and unlike the weather, our inbox saw a depressing drought.


The fact that schools and colleges are officially closed today didn’t make it easy for us to drag ourselves out of the bed, out the door and into the office. We mean, we could’ve totally worked from home but here we are, sitting at our desks, after a strenuous morning routine, writing this article to empathize with all the souls who had to make it to their respective hellholes. 


In the angst of it all, we all needed somebody to blame. Twitter has been abuzz with #MumbaiRains and angry messages hinting that if anything were to happen to them because of this cyclone, blame the HR. 


So, here you go. While you sulk at work with that hot cuppa, check out these hilarious tweets.

























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