While Everybody Enjoyed Sarahah Last Night, Something Really Strange Happened
Posted On 9th August, 2017 @ 16:00 pm by Debanjan Dhar


There was no escaping the sandstorm on the Sarahah that hit social media last night. Nobody’s too cool for Sarahah. The ones who pretended to be, waited till morning to write something smart about being above “such things” . If you don’t know what we’re talking about, Sarahah is an app that launched in June and has been downloaded millions of times on both Google Play and Apple’s app store since. Create an account and post the link on your social media profiles, and wait for anonymous messages to pour in from your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, ex-lovers, and that guy/girl you met at a party long ago – anyone who’s connected to you on social media, basically. Messages of love, hate and shocking honesty. 


Being the internet’s child, I did the same. I bombarded Facebook with Sarahah messages written to me like Arnab Goswami bombards his panelists. It was too much fun. It was an organic ego boost. It was a big party on Facebook last night, and I didn’t want to miss it. 


Vishal, my roommate, however, didn’t participate. He had no idea what Sarahah was. He was busy making anda-curry for dinner. He has been a little off, lately. He’s been seeing and feeling "things" in the house, that I have laughed off like a maniac. Apparently, he has seen the shadow of a brawny man, with hair like Imtiaz Ali, on my bed, when I was not around. Coincidentally, I had seen what sounded like  exactly like the same guy, two nights in a row at a bar in Khar and Bandra, respectively. He even tried chatting up the girl I was with. Cock and bull, but it was enough to scare the living daylights of Vishal. I’m evil like that.


So, while I was busy refreshing my Sarahah homepage, Vishal put the broth in the cooker, and went to the mirror to admire his beard. I heard him should suddenly, “Oh F*ck”. At first, I didn’t understand why Vishal was showing me his hairy armpit. But then I closed in, AND freaked out AF. Vishal had sudeenly developed a mark on his back. It looked like a rash, or an insect bite, in the shape of an inverted cross – the symbol of anti-Christ. 








10 years ago, he had made a small red tattoo on his forearm of an upright cross. What got us mindfu*ked is how identical the new mark on his body is to the existing tattoo he has. (Also, sorry about the hair. And therefore, your eyes.)





Now, we’re all grown ass men living on the 13th floor apartment right next to the 66-million-year-old Gilbert Hill. So, we came up with all sorts of logical explanations for it, laughed and let it go. I returned to Sarahah. I refreshed the page, and here’s the message I received: 








 Now, I know what you’re thinking: It could have been Vishal, who had sent me the message. I hope it was him but he has no idea how the app works. Also, he has been up all night. I saw him all tired, and crimson-eyed when I left for work this morning. And the scar on his body? You might say it was an insect or a rash. But what insect leaves a mark exactly in the shape of an inverted cross, identical to the upright cross tattoo that he got a decade ago? 


So here I am, writing this down, waiting for the day to get over, go back home, and find out what’s in store for me. 


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