While SRK Quits Smoking, These Are Our Suggestions For Other Celebrities
Posted On 20th March, 2017 @ 20:44 pm by Mihika Jindal

SRK intends to quit smoking for his kids.


The fact that Shahrukh Khan is a hopeless smoker is known to all, without exceptions. And it has only made matters worse for him — may it be getting turned out of places, or being quoted as a chain-smoker. Back in 2006, an NGO approached him to mascot their anti-tobacco campaign because they ardently believed that if SRK quit smoking, they’d be able to set a huge example for the country to follow (that’s just a wow thought). On top of that his lungs that are under threat with years of smoking. #HealthAlert


But all his fans woke up to a happy news on Sunday when he announced that he is looking to quit smoking and drinking because he wants to spend quality time with his children, especially AbRam who’s just four-years-old. And the only way to do that is by leading a healthy life.

While we wish him all the best, we still can’t believe that there could be a day when Khan will not have a cigarette in his hand. Taking a cue from this, we have some suggestions for other celebs about things they should quit already.

1. Ekta Kapoor should stop making sitcoms.

Yes, we know she’s minting money. But she’s single-handedly bringing the IQ of this country to shame (not like we have much to spare anyway). Stop with your vamps and shape-shifting monsters, and plastic surgeries that alter body structures, and people who keep resurrecting, and women who don’t even know the number of babies she’s given birth to. Please!





2. Salman Khan can’t be the hunk anymore. 

More than half a decade old and acting super bold – not necessarily a good thing. We agree he is blessed with oodles of charisma and oomph, but how many times can he kill a gang of 20 by himself while he romances his heroines who are half his age. Time to grow up, perhaps?


giphy (2)



3. Baadshah’s rap

No doubt he’s a talented guy. And we love his raps, but not in every song. May it be an original, or a remake or a remix, he’s just omnipresent. We understand he’s quite the latest shizz, but don’t kill us.





4. SRK and Kajol duo

We think SRK should quit smoking and this fascination with the on-screen chemistry between him and Kajol. While recycling 90s hits seems to work for the industry, it isn’t quite the success mantra. SRK-Kajol have lived through their glory days and retiring with grace would help.


giphy (3)



5. Done with Hrithik Roshan’s moves

Roshan pretty much nailed it when he entered the market with his swagger moves in ek pal ka jeena, that got an entire generation kicked for years. But we sincerely feel that novelty is lost. Chances are you’d see an electrifying dance performance at some awards believing its Roshan, only to eventually realise it’s actually Tiger Shroff. Pass the baton already.


giphy (1)



6. A singing Akhtar

We won’t be able to sit through Rock On 3. Not for bad story plots or acting but for Akhtar’s singing. Not every bathroom singer needs to reach the stage. 

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