Why The Best Batswoman In India Is Also The Coolest
Posted On 13th July, 2017 @ 16:37 pm by Debanjan Dhar



Skipper of the Indian women’s cricket team, Mithali Raj is the new ‘captain cool’ of Indian cricket. A powerful cricketer, who began her career at the age of 16, she’s the highest run-scorer in women’s international cricket, and the sole member of the 6000-run club. From owning press conferences with her sass to being cool as a cucumber on field, Mithali Raj has proved time and again that she’s not just the best in the business, she’s also the coolest cat on the 22 yards. 



Mithali breaks records, and gender prejudice. 






At a press conference at the opening dinner of the eve of the ICC Women’s World Cup, a reporter asked Raj who her favourite male cricketer is. Her gentle and firm reply to the question instantly made her a bigger icon than she already was. Here’s what’s she said: 



“Do you ask the same question to a male cricketer? Do you ask them who their favourite female cricketer is?”






She acknowledged the fact that men’s cricket sets a bar that women’s cricket tries to follow, and hopes that India gives equal importance to both someday. But she was also quick to point out that the disparity is affected a lot by the fact that women’s cricket is not regularly televised. It’s only lately that the BCCI had made the effort to telecast the last two home series on television. 



Mithali reading a book while waiting for her turn to bat – the coolest thing ever. 






When Mithali is not being a savage to reporters who don’t think their questions through, she waits patiently for her turn to smash bowlers all around the field. But she’s all swag even then. Here’s the thing. You can be cool but you’re not Mithali Raj, all padded up, reading a book on 'life's essentials' by Rumi cool. No anxious nail-biting, not a worry in the world – Raj looked liked she was in complete zen mode. And when she finally put the book down at the fall of a wicket, Raj smashed a formidable 71-run knock, teaching England a thing or two about ‘life’s essentials’. 



And then her witty tweet on the whole book-reading episode  


Social media, obviously, went nuts and dubbed the episode as the coolest thing on the internet, while Raj played it cool. According to the skipper, she has been doing this for a while now; it’s just new to people because they showed it on television.

Not that it mattered to her fans. 












But Raj’s epic comment on the incident just calls for another trophy just for her wit.






 The one thing you and Mithali have in common 






What could you and the world’s best batswoman possibly have in common? Well, Mithali Raj had one interesting quality while growing up that a lot of us will relate to – she was a lazy bum! That disappointing look on your dad’s face you see in the morning when you’re sleeping late… yes, Mithali Raj saw that too. But her father, being an Air India Officer, took her to the cricket coaching camps to get some discipline into her, and the rest is history. 



Not just a sportswoman, but also an artist 







Mithali’s first love wasn’t cricket – it was dance. She longed to pursue Bharatnatyam, one of the toughest Indian classical dance forms, and was pretty good at it too. MIthu, as she’s called affectionately at home, was keen on becoming a dancer but her father, Dorai Raj, took her to the cricket coaching center when she was only 10. Her coaches were quick to spot her talent. It was a tough call for Raj, but she eventually chose the bat over her dancing shoes. 










A godly talent, a woman of a killer attitude, and a feisty leader – Mithali Raj is everything champions are made of. 


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