Woman Gatecrashes Wedding, Kidnaps Groom At Gunpoint, And Escapes In The Wedding Car
Posted On 17th May, 2017 @ 19:57 pm by Debanjan Dhar

Wedding fail.

Okay, this calls for the classic proverbial cliché -- hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Had to get that out of the way. It all happened at a wedding ceremony at Maudaha in Uttar Pradesh. As the wedding party celebrated the customs on late Monday night, reports claim they were greeted by an angry woman accompanied by some men. They couldn’t do much to drive the intruders away because the woman had a revolver on her, and she definitely wasn’t there to offer blessings to the newlyweds. Armed, angry and scorned in love, she confronted her lover(also the groom), asking why he was marrying another woman when he was in love with her. Here’s what people allegedly remember her saying:

"Pyaar humse kiya aur shaadi kisi aur se karoge? Yeh hum bardaasht nahi karenge!"





She proceeded to put a gun against the groom’s head, grabbed him by the collar and abducted him from the wedding in the wedding car itself. The whereabouts of the groom, Ashok Yadav, is still not known. Interestingly, DCP of Maudaha simply can’t believe that the incident could be genuine, because, according to him, a woman can’t pull of such a stunt. Here’s what he was quoted saying:


"How can a woman kidnap a grown man in front of so many people? Nobody tried to stop them or save the groom. In reality, the man willingly went away with the girl."






The kidnapper and the kidnapped, both worked at a doctor’s clinic, where they had professed love for each other. But Ashok’s family arranged his marriage with a girl from Bhawanipur village, and he stopped replying to her former girlfriend’s texts once the engagement ceremonies started. Big mistake. 

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