You'll Never Tire Of Scrolling Through Bengaluru City Police's Facebook Page
Posted On 19th May, 2017 @ 17:31 pm by Ketaki Mankame


If you’re big on lame-ass rhymes, Game Of Thrones, terrible puns and some more Game Of Thrones, we’re guessing you already know about the Bengaluru City Police Facebook page. If you don’t, we don’t blame you. Because well, who’d expect the freakin’ poo-lice to have a Facebook page, and such a cool one at that?


With over 5 lakh followers, Bengaluru City Police is one of the funniest pages with a cause. Don’t even get us started on the admin’s sense of humour—s/he is putting an end to crime one post at a time.


1. This meme they put out to brag about the big bust Bengaluru Police made recently is so rad. Special mention to the poem in the caption.




Notice how spontaneous the admin is? Wonder if s/he is a police person too.






2. From the looks of it, this page’s admin takes two things very seriously—Game of Thrones and traffic rules.




Here are some more gems they created for their #GameOfLife campaign. What a brilliant way to get through the thick skulls of those who think following traffic rules is uncool?






3. Their approach is effective. Be it via a joke or a subtle reminder of who’s waiting for you back home.


4. Humour, emotion, and now facts—these guys have taken every route possible to get their point across.


5. The bullying carried out by rickshaw-wallahs throughout the country is evident. But unlike everywhere else, Bengaluru Police has taken this issue quite seriously.


If only every state police had such a dank social media presence!

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