Retired Patriot Dogs Have No Adopters, But They Can Still Have A Home. Here’s How You Can Help
Posted On 23rd March, 2017 @ 23:16 pm by MTV Editor


Retired patriot dogs are no longer euthanised (good job, Government), but now they have nowhere to go. They have served with the Indian Police, military and para-military forces for 8-10 years already, tracking down terrorists and detecting bombs when they're not in search-and-rescue missions, but they don't play fetch and because they're old, aren't chooo chweeeet to look at. They’re also too cool to be your average pet.


The problem is that they've retired from service, and their handlers are not paid to take care of them anymore, so...well, they don't. But these soldiers in fur - the K9 squad of old mutts - need some good ol' fashioned lovin'. 




Founded by Rakesh Shukla, Voice of Stray Dogs is a shelter in Karnataka that is now running a campaign, #PatriotDogs, on crowdfunding site Ketto to care for about 100 such dogs. 


“With VOSD’s deep experience of over 200,000+ treatments, 7,000+ rescues, and 750+ permanent dogs, and world-class medical and technological support, we have been keeping #PatriotDogs discharged by the Karnataka, Kerala, and Railway Police Forces among others. “


Have a look at how they work:


With a little help from you, this could be the relaxed retirement years these mutts deserve, and not the nightmare they seem headed for right now.  


Visit Ketto for more information on the plans and operations of VoSD. We hope you'll contribute generously! 

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