This Christmas, We’re All About Change: Here’s How You Can Gift Yourself Some And Get Rid Of Your 'Rs. 2000 Note'
Posted On 21st December, 2016 @ 19:50 pm by Ketaki Mankame

Whatever side of the demonetisation debate you’re on, what you can’t argue with is that nobody ever bloody has change for that cursed Rs. 2000 note. So we’ve all been walking around buying things we don’t really need just so the shopkeeper will be forced to give us back some change.

Now that it’s Christmas and a lot of us need to buy presents anyway, here’s a list of things you can buy to help you fill your wallet with crisp Rs. 100s.


1. These Adorable Unicorn Plush Slippers 

Priced at: Rs. 1,499

For those who love a little bit of pampering, and unicorns (which is everybody).





2. This Multi-Coloured Backpack With A Sling Bag 

Priced at: Rs. 1104

For those who love a little bit of funk in their wardrobe.





3. These Hip Chai Glasses With A Holder 

Priced at: Rs. 1200

For the chai buddies you’d enjoy a cup with any time of the day.





4. A Hamper Of Butter Cookies & Lindt Chocolates 

Priced at: Rs. 1199

Nobody says no to cookies. Or chocolate. Who wouldn’t mind ODing on these?





5. Or A Basket Full Of Delish Hershey’s Chocolates 

Priced at: Rs. 1600

For chocoholics who just can’t get enough of a fix.





6. These Cool Barrel Mugs  

Priced at: Rs. 1870

For those who like their coffee strong and supersized.





7. Or this ultra-cool mason jar set 

Priced at: Rs. 1495

For those who are conscious about what they’re sipping their smoothies and shakes out of.





8. These super-cute chibi Batman and Superman pen drives 

Priced at: Rs. 1198

For those who simply cannot decide whose side they’re on.








9. These Hippie Bomb Hip Flasks 

Priced at: Rs. 1500

For those who are going to be too broke to buy their own drinks at that hip party on NYE.





And oh, don’t forget to choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) option when you check out. A Very Merry Christmas to you!

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