A Recap to Passion '12
Posted On 16th January, 2013 @ 11:59 am by Tanya Srivastava

Here's a Recap to the annual management and cultural event Passion from IMT Ghaziabad on MTV Campus Diaries.


IMT Ghaziabad’s annual management and cultural event Passion is the high point of IMT’s student life. Students scratching off dates with eager anticipation and an incessant buzz where you catch a few words Passion ‘12, 13th-16th October.


Sure we strutted around in the beginning thinking it would be a piece of cake and we would pull it off with extreme ease but we came to realize planning this festival was turning out to be as complicated as launching a space shuttle! We wanted the launch of PASSION ’12 to be larger than life; we wanted the entire B-School fraternity to know that this was not some ordinary festival. 


Those four days if I may say for lack of a better phrase was an Order in Chaos. After ages spent micromanaging the minutest of things, the hours spent in Publicising, Marketing ,Mailing invitations , the constant never ending hurdles , the late night doing administration but like  Mr Murphy says If things can go wrong they will, Here’s listing a few goof ups which we laughed our hearts out over later.


Participants kept arriving in a flurry and the Logistics team gallantly shepherded them to their respective rooms but once in a while they seemed to have forgotten what they were there for and we often found them chitchatting exchanging numbers, starry eyed and claiming they had met their first love! 

We had Management events lined up all day and we had Cultural events that took place in the evening and went late into the night. The organising committee spent so much time staying up nights, making sure everything was picture perfect the next day and mind you they did a brilliant job of it, but they ended up missing some action during the day because we found them napping in the inventory room in the weirdest positions possible or watching anime cartoons on projector screen while waiting to assist the other teams.


The last night witnessed one of the biggest bands in India, Faridkot, performing at our campus and like all other rock band gigs they also laid us with requests - some decent some outrageous. We sprayed our grounds with mosquito repellents to ensure that the band would be comfortable performing we were then requested to bring in some special mosquito repellent creams without which they wouldn’t perform. We sent the largest task force to find the damned cream, but it all seemed worth it when all hell broke loose and you could see the audience head banging in sync to their tunes and yelling for an encore. All of us just stood in the background dazed, grinning toothily at each other pleased to see what we had accomplished. Passion came to a close but Passion in our hearts I think will last for a lifetime!

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